In Britain there are rumors of serious health problems Johnson

Photo: AP Photo/Frank Augstein the British came up with an unusual way of dealing with boredom quarantined

Ten days of treatment have not yet led to a marked improvement in the health status of the head of the government. In Britain there were rumors that Johnson is ill more serious than reported by the local media. However, the Prime Minister’s office categorically rejects such a fiction. “On the advice of his (Johnson – approx. “RG”) doctor of the Prime Minister was admitted to hospital for tests. A similar step was taken as a precaution because the Prime Minister continues for 10 days, the symptoms of coronavirus. According to the representative of the Prime Minister’s office, Johnson will remain in the hospital “as long as it takes.”

officials, according to the British newspaper “the independent”, we strongly emphasize that the hospitalization of the Prime Minister is not caused by the emergency situation with his health, and that Johnson will remain the head of government. The Prime Minister reportedly will continue regular contact with their colleagues and civil servants.

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meanwhile, it was stated that if the condition deteriorates Johnson, head of the government will go to the Minister of foreign Affairs of the United Kingdom Dominic Raab. On Monday Raab presided at the morning session of the governmental Committee on emergency COVID-19. This Committee determines today in Britain, the strategy and tactics of suppression of coronavirus.

the Tensions and uncertainties arising in connection with the prolonged illness of Boris Johnson was is urgent totill then picked up and financial markets: the pound sterling weakened significantly against the dollar and the Euro. The overall situation in the country, which today is a broad front is the onset of coronavirus that so far is not encouraging.