The US President Donald trump said that Russian leader Vladimir Putin does not want his victory at the upcoming presidential election.

“I’m the worst that ever happened to Russia, Putin understands that. I have a good relationship with Putin, but he understands it. He probably doesn’t want to I won the election. I have to tell you: I think he’s been good to me, but I’m sure he doesn’t want me to win,” said Donald trump in an interview with journalist Cheryl Attkisson..

According to trump, China also does not want his victory at the upcoming presidential election.

the trump announced the US withdrawal from the Treaty on open skies

We will remind, opponents criticize the trump from the very first day of his reign for some mythical ties with Russia. They were invented by the fake-factor is the so-called “Russian intervention in the US presidential election”. This information was actively promoting the series to the American media, why trump was calling them fake news. In particular, the American President had a fight with CNN.

The investigation of the alleged “Russian interference” two years led spectracolor USA Robert Mueller, but never found any evidence.

The trump has repeatedly denied suspicions in secret contacts with the Russian authorities during the election campaign. The Kremlin also denied the influence on the election process in the United States.

Earlier, the “Rambler” reported that the Russian Embassy in the United States called on Bloomberg to apologize to the audience for an article with misinformation about the rating of Russian President Vladimir Putin.