Chinese food blogger Tizi is known for her penchant for eating rare animals. With this video, however, she has now gone too far: A video published in July 2022 shows her eating a protected great white shark. This now has consequences for the influencer.

This action first went viral – and then backfired: The Chinese food blogger Tizi bought, grilled and ate a great white shark in front of the cameras. The influencer, whose real name is Jin Moumou, has now been fined the equivalent of around 17,000 euros. Repeat offenders in China can even face several years in prison.

Because the great white shark is not only considered “worth protecting” worldwide, but its sale and consumption is also strictly prohibited in the People’s Republic of China.

But that didn’t seem to bother the influencer. She becomes really ecstatic while preparing the rare animal – and can’t wait to bury her whole face into its meat when it’s done grilling: “It may look evil, but its meat is super tender!” Vor During the preparation, she also lay down next to the dead animal to show how big it is.

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Tizi is a Chinese food blogger. On her channel at Douyin, the Chinese TikTok, she has almost eight million followers, to whom she regularly gives insights into her idiosyncratic taste. The young Chinese likes to eat crocodiles and ostriches as well as great white sharks.

As the market supervisory authority of the Chinese city of Nanchong announced, Tizi is said to have bought the great white shark on April 13 via a sub-platform of the Internet market giant Alibaba for around 1000 euros. On July 12, she released the video in which she poses with, prepares and eats the great white shark.

Because the video quickly went viral, the authorities became aware of the Chinese. A fisheries institute confiscated remains of the shark and confirmed by DNA that it was a protected great white shark. The experts even estimate its value at around 3400 euros.

Tizi was then sentenced to a fine of almost 17,000 euros. The sellers were also identified, according to the report: they were arrested.