The public never ceases to make attempts to get to the real reason of the divorce Garik Kharlamov and Christina Asmus. The pair almost eight years together and still in scandals has not been noticed. And now – fled, without noise and screams.

His version of the reasons for the separation of the two stars on condition of anonymity, told the publication Т one of the colleagues of comedian.

A colleague believes that the source lies Kharlamov desire to be married the head of the family that he always wanted Christina were not working, and more children. By the way, the first wife of Garik, whom he divorced because Asmus, quit my job at his insistence. Marriage is, however, not saved.

And Christina is a sought – after artist, she is passionate about her work and, of course, does not see himself in the role of the housewife. In the end, the gap of interests became too great, and cohabitation had ceased to bring joy. The decision was made to divorce, and in the most gentle and friendly option for your daughter.

Daughter Kharlamov and Asmus Nastya September 1 will go to the first class. The girl remains with her mother in a country cottage. And Garik will live in Moscow in the apartment which he purchased shortly after the birth of her daughter.

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, Kristina Asmus after her husband Garik Kharlamov has denied the statement of a leading Youtube show Comment Out of Vladimir Marconi that their divorce was a hoax in the framework of participation in the show.