If I had thought that the long period of coronaviruses would change our behavior in the future, so I was at least smarter this week.

Here ended up a positive posting on Instagram as a trash can for people with small shoes and big egos.

on Tuesday I was early afoot, and drove past the dump, where people have already suffered in the seven kept in the queue.

It is not often, I have been looking forward over a queue, but this here was still a little happy reunion with some normality, which most, I believe, has missed the past month. I took a picture of the queue and put it up on Instagram.

wow, I was unprepared. Unprepared for the anger, my image was met with.

“the old man people don’t, they should be at home?” was the message of several. And I must say that it is the authorities who have chosen to open the landfill sites after some debate about that, it was straight to the silly side, that just the landfill was closed.

We are talking after all about a huge open terrain with few people walking around outside. Compared to the scenario in the Supermarket, that sounds pretty harmless. For people who do not come so often in a landfill, can I say that the queue is not something that is reserved for coronatiden.

Then there was the attitude: “Why can’t people understand that they should keep a distance?”

So, can we just agree that the people are kept in the queue in their cars! Inside the dump had the staff fully mastered it. There was with warm smile made sure that there was not many of the most popular containers.

“Typically Danish…while the rest of the world is, and dies, then that is the only problem for the spoiled danes, that they have garbage,” wrote too many. Some spicy even with their own tearful stories of serious illness.

And the position of the buyer, I simply do not check in. We the people are suffering loss and experiencing great sadness and pain once in a while. The grief and pain we stand alone with. It is our – not of others, and we can’t measure others ‘ sorrow and pain, up against our. For it would be the screw without end. We can always find someone who has it worse.

And so just a to ordkløverne: nowhere has anyone postulated that the garbage was a problem. It was just illogical that the dump was closed. Just as it is logical to show up when it opens again.

For me, it is typically Danish at the landfill, that the danes actually sorting their waste. To the with great propriety place the garbage in the right places. With respect for the authorities ‘ instructions and of the respect for the environment.

It is typically Danish is also, that it is almost consider the trip to losseren as a happy event. Something associated with spring. Is it not rather positive? Really?

It was precisely now, in the face of a common crisis should be big people and show that we are ready to accommodate other people. Both those who hoard lokumspapir, and those who can’t figure out how to follow the rules. We must help them. Not picking on them.

In addition, performed all of the dump exemplary. But when you experience the many self-styled coronabetjente, who has been busy, as you know well, to people not changing.

“The kind of changes require a war, occupation or a long-term virus, for that we really besinder us and change behavior,” said the parish priest Sørine tooth wear earlier in the week.

I think, she has a perfect right, and perhaps it fits in very well with a theory, I have also heard the other day. Namely, that the reason for Sweden’s very little timid handling of the epidemic might hang together with the fact that Sweden did not take part in the world wars and thus has not experienced an inherent and inherited fear in themselves.

It can of course be shot entirely, but it is not unlikely. We change ourselves first, when we truly see our very existence threatened. And we are not at all. Fortunately.

Annette Heick

Annette Heick was born in 1971. She is a journalist, tv host, singer, and entrepreneur, and is married to the chef Jesper Vollmer. She is the mother of two sons.