the 40-year-old fynbo, it is not a dream that has come true, it is more a result of a year-long development, which has offered a personal downturn and breach of trust, but also a new self-understanding and willingness to find his own way. We spoke with her – before coronakrisen.

the Camper reads the name of ‘Protect’. Here is only 11 square meters, but in return there is a view to freedom and an almost infinite horizon. A few years ago would Anja Robanke not have dared. Would not have thought of the idea, but since it was there, it went quickly.

“My cooperation with my former employer ended in april last year. It was in finance, and I would try to be independent, but I would also like to travel with my job, so, 14 days later I bought ‘Protect’. The first time I stepped into the car, I knew that here I hear at home,” explains Anja.

It was important for her to have a base, but it was not important to have things, she discovered:

“It was really not hard to sell my stuff, but it was a big job! I had a small post-it notes with a price on all the things in my home and marketed a weekend to a big flea market. My father was rejsemontør, and I see myself in the same way. As someone who travels and comes home occasionally, except that I have my home with me. Many are asking about I am not afraid to be alone, to sleep alone and drive around alone, but I feel good in my own company and have also decided that I will not let this control me,” says Anja.

Anja is not a born adventurer who has traveled all around the world in several stages. In fact, she was hardly happy for charters as younger, so it was first on a trip to Iceland in 2016, that she discovered a new feeling inside.

“Iceland did something to me. I began to see the world with new eyes, and for me, there was a great depth into my life, when I was in the nature up there. It was only a week, and as I was going home, I sat in the airport and thought, ‘I got not enough!’.

she Therefore went to his then boss and asked if she might be allowed to work, while she drove around the Island in two months. Then called her vehicle ‘Thorleif’ and was a Land Rover, which she took with her there. Along the way she lived local and was even more in love with nature.

“I had never experienced anything like that, for I was otherwise hot and bikini, but something happened, when I drove out in the wild. The adrenaline pumped around, and I felt that I found something. ‘There she was. Now I found her’, was the feeling I got. I managed to be on the Island five times in two years. Total was I of the place and a half years, and these trips made me ready for it here life, but it is in fact the things that I have been through the last 11 years that have shaped me.”

No more bullshit

11 years ago, ended a relationship, as Anja had thought would be long-term and shape her life. The latter is the case, for the man, as she through the four years had been with, turned out to live a double life. He had seen another woman and promised her all the same things that he afterwards went home and promised Anja.

“That was an awakening! In retrospect I was perhaps a little gullible, and I have my whole life been sweet Anja, who would like to satisfy. I learned it then, the hard way, that one should not, but unfortunately, I lost confidence. Not just to him but to the people around me and to myself. The difference at the Anja then and now is that back then I would have kept it for myself, because I probably would have been ashamed, it could happen to someone like me. I could let me cheat on the way, but today I do not bother to find me in more bullshit. The thing that has happened has shaped me, and although I’ve now got the confidence of people back and still the sweet Anja, I am also more and more fierce, and I am comfortable with.”

Whether it is the experiences from that time, she knows not, but in any case, she has not been in a relationship since.

“I hope that I meet a man, but next time it should be different, and I have the time to wait, for I have no ovaries, there are calling. When I was in my twenties, I was in a relationship, where we tried to have children but failed, and 10 years ago I decided that I will not have children, so I have a freedom there,” concludes Anja.

She huddled a bit, sit in silence and then says: “I like the new version of myself. It is hardly as naive as the old one.”

Bøhmand stay away!

She has found a strength in itself, which she believes is the reason that she can travel alone, stay overnight on the parking spaces and not be more afraid than it can displace. The idea of the dangerous attacker, as all women probably fear on some level, refuse to let themselves be deterred by:

“I don’t really live my life by the ‘what if …’. I have tried to be so hurt and upset in my life, but with all the good that has happened now, will I just not find me in one, to come and destroy it.”

The simple life

She stay only at the campsite every fourth night for to get the power on the car and the water on the whole body. The other nights sleeps she in the free. Partly to save money, and partly because she likes it:

“I can feel, whether it is a good place, and sometimes I can feel that ‘no, it is not here, I shall keep’, and so I am running again. I have slept on many parking lots at the supermarkets, and I can tell you that Aldi and Lidl have good wifi, I have availed myself of many times.”

the Loneliness of the brands she doesn’t, but aleneheden is a factor in the life that she has chosen to live.

“I always have something I can make, and I actually have not as much need for menneskekontakt,” she says thoughtfully, and adds:

“But I really well miss a hug from my nieces!”

Anja has a brother who has founded a family, and both of his parents. The short story is that she has had a perfectly safe and good childhood, with horse and braids, trips in the caravan and air travel.

“I have a desire to travel with me from home and know to work abroad from my father, but I had no dream, either to travel or work abroad. It has come. I have chosen it here life, because it makes sense to me, and I have always liked my own company. It surprises me to get so many letters from other women, who write that they wish that they had the courage to do the same. Many would like to have a good advice or maybe a push, but it is something that must come from within. For me it was not difficult, for I was ready, and the best thing about my decision is that I do what makes me happy. That I is faithful to me!”

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