Hundreds infected with the coronavirus on the French aircraft carrier aboard were Americans

a Situation similar to that which unfolded on the American aircraft carrier “Theodore Roosevelt”, is observed in the French “Charles de Gaulle”. The number of infected on Board the only French aircraft carrier reached seven hundred people – and there is reason to believe that this is not the limit. Meanwhile, as it turned out, on Board this ship were several American sailors – two of them are sick with coronavirus.

According to the Ministry of defence of France, announced on Wednesday, tests were taken from 1767 sailors “Charles de Gaulle”, while the coronavirus identified from 668 people. But these data are not final as yet received the results of the third test. That suggests that the number of infected is likely to increase. According to military officials, more than 30 people are now in hospital.

the aircraft Carrier “Charles de Gaulle” sailed from its home port of Toulon on January 21 to support the military operation of French troops against Islamist militants in Syria and Iraq, then went to the Atlantic ocean and the Baltic sea to participate in NATO maneuvers.

But after the carrier was found a few dozen infected, it became obvious that to continue his campaign “Charles de Gaulle” can do no more.

“waiting for the early return of an aircraft carrier in Toulon, we took additional measures aimed at protection of the crew and to reduce the spread of the virus,” – said the Ministry of defence of France. All members of the crew were obliged to prevent wear masks.

last Sunday, April 12, the ship because of an outbreak of infection with coronavirus on Board for a fortnight before the appointed time returned to Toulon. Three sailors had to be evacuated with the “Charles de Gaulle” by helicopter and hospitalized in a former Toulon military teaching hospital Sainte-Anne. The hospital in 2008 moved to another place, and he owned the premises now converted into a reception of cases of coronavirus sailors.

Local authorities had to crank out a painstaking operation to move a carrier of people on the beach to ensure no risk of further infection. The whole crew after the audit a decision was made to put in isolation for two weeks without physical contact with their families.

Now the sailors from the aircraft carrier insulated at its base. The pilots of military aircraft and helicopters “Charles de Gaulle” (and the ship carries on Board including the Rafale M fighters and helicopters AS532 Cougar) are also quarantined. Tuesday on the aircraft carrier was launched for disinfection.

the Defence Department has launched an investigation into the causes of infection that still remain unclear. From “Charles de Gaulle” had no contact with the outside world after the ship made��l stop in Brest in mid-March.

As it turned out, on Board the French aircraft carrier were four American seaman, and two of them, according to the U.S. Navy, has tested positive for the virus.

“Two of the four US sailors assigned to the French nuclear aircraft carrier “Charles de Gaulle”, tested positive for Covid-19 and receive excellent medical care in the host country on the French sites,” – told CNN the representative of the American Navy.

senior U.S. military officers serving on the ships of NATO partners to strengthen Alliance relations. The above four sailor taking part in the programme of personnel exchange, the U.S. Navy, in which the U.S. military integrated into the daily work of French and other foreign crews

whatever it was, infected with a coronavirus, American sailors can be added to the hundreds of cases of crew members of US Navy aircraft carrier of the United States “Theodore Roosevelt”, which is currently located on the island of GUAM in the Pacific ocean. As of Wednesday 4046 sailors aboard the aircraft carrier was towed to shore.

According to the latest data of the American naval forces at 615 sailors aboard the aircraft carrier tests for the virus were positive. Five sailors are in the hospital, one of them placed in intensive care “to strengthen monitoring due to shortness of breath”.

the sailor with the “Theodore Roosevelt”, placed in the intensive care unit, died from a coronavirus-related disease complications. Test positive for the virus he received almost two weeks ago.