1/11 Where was Kjell Aukrust born?

Kjell Aukrust (middle) as a young boy at school.

Horten Oslo, Lom Alvdal 2/11 How is it Helps in following the opening of the film “Pinchcliffe Grand Prix”? Photo: Reprinted with permission from Kari and Kjell Aukrust Foundation East of the sun and vestenfor moon. Sjuogtredve miles north, a bit east and up. 64 degrees north latitude and 12 degrees east longitude. Far, far away, behind many plains. 3/11 What was the Kjell Aukrust really did before he started on the art and håndverkskolen?

One of the first christmas cards, which Kjell Aukrust character as a teenager in the 1930s. Now they go for tens of thousands of dollars.

Photo: Skanfil Auctions AS He went in snekkerlære He studied theatre studies He was anleggsarbeider of the Railway He worked as a avisgutt 4/11 Who directed the movie “Pinchcliffe Grand Prix”? Photo: Jensen Rolf Just Nilssen Ingmar Bergmann films of Ivo Caprino Magne furuholmen and many 5/11 What is the name of the old inventor who is friend with Sonny and Louis? Photo: Pressefoto Rudolph gore-slimey Melvind Snerken Mysil Bergsprekken ” rube Goldberg 6/11 How old was Kjell Aukrust when he came in at statens håndverks – og kunstindustriskole?

Kjell Aukrust was an accomplished artist. This painting is called “the Tone was to the bird”.

Photo: Day-Asle Langø / Multifoto AS 21 years 16 years 19 years 6 years 7/11 What was the forerunner to the fictitious newspaper the Pinchcliffe Journal? Photo: Stone’s Owned / NRK Idiotenes Magazine n’Albert Our Duster Avldal New 8/11 How many speedometere had racerbilen to Sonny and Louis in the “Pinchcliffe Grand Prix”? Photo: NRK / NRK 1 2 3 9/11 What was the first book in the Aukrusts book series “Alvdalstrioen”? Photo: Collage / NRK Amund the Farmer my Brother Simen 10/11 What is the name of the well-known munnspillmelodien we hear several times through the “Pinchcliffe Grand prix”? Photo: Helga Tunheim theodore’s Ballad Pinchcliffe Lambert Aftenbønn Sand song from Pinchcliffe 11/11 What was the name of Kjell Aukrusts character who traveled around in norway and abroad on a Harley Davidson? Photo: NRK Joppa Rogersen Fridtjof Sonny Duckworth Edmund Ground, Your profit

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