Muscovites can take advantage of various services and mobile applications or refer to a single reference service of the government of Moscow

In the capital, the schedule of seasonal shutdown of hot water. It is available on the portal and with the help of service “MOEK.Online” and mobile apps.

“to See the timing of disconnection of hot water in a convenient online format also available with a special service in a mobile application “public Services of Moscow” and “My Moscow”. Users just enter the address of interesting houses, and the service will display the specific date and time, the lack of hot water in it. To obtain this information, residents also can use the voice assistant in the General reference service of the Government of Moscow”, — told in capital Department of information technology.

In the application “public Services of Moscow” the schedule of shutdown of water placed in the service catalog in the section “turning Off hot water”. Here you need to specify the address and apartment number. Enter them in the section in the process of receiving services, and in advance in the user profile. If this information is already listed in your account on data is synchronized automatically. This displays the time period of absence of hot water.

In addition, users can subscribe to notifications that will remind you of the upcoming shutdown of hot water for three days. On the main page or in the service catalog application, you need to click on the icon of a bell at the top of the screen, go to “Subscriptions” and then “Settings”. In this section you will need to find the theme of “Notifications” then go into “Utilities” and then select “turn off the hot water.” Citizens can mention a convenient way of receiving alerts as push notifications or email.

In the app “My Moscow” the service is available in the section “My home”. Opening it, the user starts the chat-bot. In the list of functions to choose “off the hot water.” After that, the chat-bot will prompt you to enter the address of the house, and then displays the date and time of disconnection of hot water. You can also add a reminder about the upcoming trip into the smartphone calendar.

the Voice assistant will tell you

Help Muscovites will have a voice assistant in the General reference service of the government of Moscow phone: +7 (495) 777-77-77. During a call set the robot to the operator a question in the free form. The voice assistant will specify the address to which you want to retrieve information, and then misleading the company, which will be turned off the hot water.

Also, this information can be obtained on the hotline of the registration of readings of individual meters of water consumed by phone: +7 (495) 539-25-25. For this you need to call the payer code and apartment number. After that, the robot will inform the date of release.

Trip schedule was adjusted in connection with the epidemiological situation and the regime of high alert. In preparation for the next heating season until September 1 to start the heat will be ready schools, kindergartens and hospitals, and until 15 September — houses and other buildings.