A club collapsed on Playa de Palma in Mallorca on Thursday evening. At least four people died and many were injured. The situation is still unclear. All developments in the ticker.

01.40 a.m.: The mayor of Palma, Jaime Martínez, has ordered three days of national mourning in the city due to the collapse of a restaurant in s’Arenal on Thursday afternoon.

12:57 a.m.: There were people of “several nationalities” among the victims, a spokeswoman for the rescue workers told the AFP news agency, without providing any further details. Shortly before midnight, a police spokesman had good news: “With 90 percent certainty” there were no more victims under the rubble, he told the German Press Agency (dpa) when asked. It is currently estimated that there are ten people under the rubble.

00.22 a.m.: Around midnight, police, fire and emergency service units were still on duty at the scene of the accident. Psychologists were still caring for victims and witnesses of the tragedy. Up to 1,000 people gathered in front of the scene of the accident immediately after the collapse, reported the regional newspapers “Diario de Mallorca” and “Última Hora”. Relatives of employees feared for their loved ones.

Friday, May 24th, 00:01: The Prime Minister of Spain, Pedro Sánchez, writes on to help with the rescue work. He also expressed his condolences for the relatives of the victims.

11.43 p.m.: According to initial information, two more dead are the club’s managing director and a waitress. Two deaths have been officially confirmed so far – but according to consistent reports, at least four people died in the accident.

11.35 p.m.: According to the newspaper Diario de Mallorca, Mayor Jaime Martínez and Deputy Mayor Javier Bonet are already at the scene of the accident. The current Prime Minister Marga Prohens and the President of the Spanish Parliament Francina Armengol, her predecessor, reported on X.

“I am following the last hours of the collapse on Playa de Palma with concern,” writes Prohens and encourages the families of those injured and killed.

Armengol did the same. “All my love goes out to the emergency teams who are already working to rescue victims and save lives, and all my love goes out to those affected,” she wrote.

11:21 p.m.: A reporter from the “Mallorca-Zeitung” reports that life continues as normal around the scene of the incident. The bars are still open and people are partying locally.

However, many onlookers are said to have gathered around the scene of the accident and watched the rescue workers at work. At around 10 p.m., the rescue workers set up a kind of separating screen with a huge tarpaulin in a street behind the scene of the accident. The injured are apparently being treated there.

11:15 p.m.: One of the victims is said to be Abdoulaye D. This is what “Ultima Hora” reports. The Senegalese, a bouncer at the Black Magic discotheque, became known in 2017 after he saved a swimmer.

He is also said to have been friends with the “Goodbye Germany” emigrants Caro and Andreas Robens. “It’s crazy. He works where there are fights every day and nothing happens. And then he just goes to Medusa to eat and then the ceiling collapses on him,” Caro Robens told the “Mallorca-Zeitung”

Meanwhile, Playa de Palma is completely closed between Balnearios 1 and 2, including on the beach. There are dozens of fire, police and ambulance emergency vehicles on site.

11:11 p.m.: According to the Mallorca newspaper, an eyewitness reported that the top floor of the Medusa Beach Club had collapsed. The other floors subsequently collapsed. Several guests were buried under the rubble. There was apparently a loud bang when the club collapsed. A friend she was with tried to resuscitate one person, but was unsuccessful.

Other eyewitnesses, German vacationers from North Rhine-Westphalia, said they saw a young man being cared for by rescue workers. After around 15 minutes, the man’s mother and aunt came to the scene of the accident. They also saw numerous injured people. There were also some Germans among them.

11:05 p.m.: The German Press Agency has now confirmed at least four dead and around 30 injured. Seven of them are said to be seriously injured. This was announced by the emergency services. The accident is said to have occurred around 8 p.m., other sources say it happened at 8:30 p.m.

10:52 p.m.: The Spanish newspaper “Diario de Mallorca” speaks of around 30 injured and four dead. Neighbors are said to have immediately informed the emergency services when the building collapsed. A large contingent of police and rescue workers is on site. It is not yet known why the building collapsed. According to initial assumptions, the first floor could have collapsed and with it the ground floor, which could no longer support the weight. The two floors are said to have crashed into the basement.

10:47 p.m.: According to media reports, four people are said to have died when the building collapsed. As “Bild” reports, another 20 people are said to be injured. Up to ten people could still be under the rubble.

First report, 10:36 p.m.: A two-story building has collapsed on the popular Playa de Palma on Mallorca. This is said to be the Medusa Beach Club, as the “Mallorca-Zeitung” reports. According to the police, at least eight people are said to be injured. There is talk of two or more deaths. Other people are still trapped in the rubble.