the report of The death of the 54-Year-old publishing office of the public Prosecutor and the police in Wiesbaden in the evening. “Due to the injuries, the identity of the man could not be found immediately”, – stated in the message.

The investigations had then revealed that it was the dead Thomas Schäfer.

police are asked to respect the shepherd’s relatives

“We ask, due to the overall circumstances, and with regard to the nationals of any questions about this message in sight. The Wiesbaden public Prosecutor’s office and the police headquarters West of Hessen are, therefore, at the present time, no further information on the matter,” informed the investigator continued.

the Prime Minister of Hesse Volker Bouffier speaks

“We are all shocked and can hardly believe that Thomas shepherd is come so suddenly and unexpectedly to death,” said the Prime Minister of Hesse Volker Bouffier in Wiesbaden.

Bouffier: “We all need to process his death right now and mourn with his family. Our sincere condolences to therefore, first of all, his closest relatives, and we wish you for this difficult time and strength“.

Schaefer was for almost 10 years, the Minister of Finance in Hesse

shepherd since August 2010, the Hessian Minister of Finance. He was a co-founder of the Foundation living with cancer.

The doctor of law has been touted as a possible successor of Prime Minister Bouffier (CDU), it should not be to compete in the state elections in 2023 again.

help for suicidal thoughts

editors ‘ note: We have decided in this case to report on the topic of suicide. Unfortunately, it can happen that depressed-assessed people to see Reports of this kind of view reinforces that life had little meaning.

it Should happen to you, please contact pastoral care of immediately the phone. Help you will find free Hotlines, such as 0800-1110111 or 0800 3344533 .

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