One year after his defeat. And even after Jan. 6.

Trump has achieved this by issuing about 80 endorsements in 2022 races.

It’s also worth thinking about which candidates he considers worthy of his blessing.

Many of them amplify Trump’s lies about 2020, floating conspiracy theories, or calling for decertification. This despite numerous audits and investigations that have come up empty.

Trump’s endorsement of Michigan secretary of state has spread some discredit claims but also stated that Democrats have been “taken over” by the satanic agenda, questioned evolution, and made other disparaging comments.

Dan Cox, a Maryland GOP hopeful for the gubernatorial election, tweeted Jan. 6 that Mike Pence was a “traitor”.

Arizona GOP Rep. Paul Gosar tweeted a video in anime style of him attacking Democrats. He has been criticised for his association with right-wing extremists.

Sean Parnell, a former Pennsylvania Senate hopeful (who has since been suspended from his candidacy), and Max Miller, a potential Ohio congressional candidate were accused of domestic violence. Both men deny these charges.

Ronny Jackson, a Texas GOP Rep. was accused of inappropriate behavior and sexual harassment during his time at The White House. Ronny Jackson later called the omicron Covid variation a ruse to allow Democrats to “cheat” during the midterms.

This is just a small sample of the Trump Endorsement Club, which includes many other controversial comments, actions, and conspiracy theories. It also includes mainstream Republicans who wear Trump’s endorsement proudly.

This is because most Republicans seem to have made the same wager as South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham. He told Sean Hannity in May that Trump was the only thing the GOP could grow without.

This might be true at the moment. However, it is possible that this might be true for now.

McConnell said he is watching the Jan. 6, committee’s work

However, Trump’s hold on his party has grown stronger in 2021. This doesn’t mean that Trump’s story is over.

Yesterday, Senator Minority Leader Mitch McConnell talked briefly to Spectrum News about what he was looking forward to from the House Jan. 6 committee. He said: “It’s a horrible event, and I think the public needs to learn what they are trying to discover.”

Frank Thorp of NBC points out McConnell’s interest, considering that he opposed the creation a bipartisan Jan.6 commission and called it “slanted” and unbalanced. McConnell is also adept at not answering questions if asked, so people should know that McConnell is interested in the findings of the committee and not dismissing their work as a partisan investigation (like House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy).

NBC’s Ali Vitali also pressed McConnell about this topic during Thursday’s press conference. He said the following:

Vitali: “This Week, you stated that you were looking at the January’s committee’s work and that you were curious about what they could find. What are you hoping to gain from what they discover?”

McConnell: “Well I’m like yours, I read the reports everyday. It’ll be fascinating to see what the reports conclude.”

Our question: Is McConnell regretting voting to acquit Trump during his impeachment trial.