There is a different easter.

For many norwegians is the planned ferieplanene laid on the shelf, because of the prohibition to sleep in a holiday home outside of the own municipality.

at the same time discouraged domestic and foreign travel that is not strictly necessary. It means that many must stay at home at easter.

But it need not mean the lack of experiences.

Infinite excursions

It is still possible to sit back and suse over the mountain, visit the white plains of Svalbard, or see the fjords and midnight sun on the journey along the Norwegian coast with Hurtigruten, at home from the comfort of your couch.

the Radio 88.000 minutes with slow-TV is available in nettspilleren NRK TV.

Here are a few recommendations by us:

Monsen minute by minute

SOMMERTUR: in the Summer of 2018 went Lars Monsen, the Norwegian broadcasting corporation and a great bunch of volunteers to hike on the cross and across the Uk.

Photo: Thomas Hellum / NRK

in the Summer of 2018 sent Lars Monsen and the NRK several hiking up to the minute. Through four sommeruker went tv-team over the mountain, through the Jotunheimen, in Vesterålen, and to the inner Troms.

Enjoy all of the trips in the recording in the nettspilleren our here.

Togturer throughout the country

SOMMERTOGET: in the Summer of 2017 traveled NRK on several togstrekninger throughout the country.

Photo: Maria Kampesæter Kleiven, the Norwegian broadcasting corporation

Here, there is much to choose from.

The seven-hour-long train ride from Bergen to Oslo was the starting signal for the slow-TV-bet to NRK. Take the bergen Railway in nettspilleren our here.

Here you also find the nearly ten hours long journey of Nordlandsbanen, from Trondheim to Bodø.

in the Summer of 2017 traveled NRK on several togstrekninger throughout the country. You can choose between togturene in nettspilleren our here. Particularly spectacular is the flåm Railway and Raumabanen.

Hurtigruten Svalbard and the

After publikumssuksessen with the Railway-minute by minute, it came quickly many requests not NRK should do the same with the Steamer.

in the Summer of 2011 and made NRK a 134 hour long TV broadcast that gathered millions of viewers. Here you can take the whole trip over again, in different stages.

If you want even fresher images, traveled NRK Svalbard with Hurtigruten last summer. The result went on TV in January and February of this year. You can experience the entire voyage on the nine day again here.

Crush all in påskequizen

HISTORIETIME: Frank Aarebrot their maratonforelesninger on the NRK was very popular.

Photo: Heine Aarbø

If you don’t want to travel in nettspilleren our, there are also opportunities to acquire new knowledge. It can be fine if you will be participating in the quiz or spørrespill in the course of easter.

Frank Aarebrot conducted several live historietimer which was very well received. Aarebrot passed away in 2017, but managed to tell about 200 years of Norwegian history in 200 minutes, world war ii at 200 minutes and the 227 years of american campaigning in as many minutes.