I saw lead me that we were going to get a long stop in the work, ” says Inge Melkevoll that run the maskinentreprenørfirmaet Melkevoll Machine in walking distance.

It was one of the driver and his discovered something a little unusual when he started with the groundwork on a plot of land in Olden in the beginning of last month. They send the images of the discoveries to arkeologane in Vestland county council to find out what this could be.

Prehistoric cultural heritage

– Kokegroper is tilverkingsrom for food that we often find in teams with other busetjingsspor that house, åkerflater and gravminne. It is therefore important to investigate the area. It tells fagleiar for feltarkeologi in Vestland county, Glenn Heine Orkelbog.

FAST: Fagleiar for feltarkeologi in Vestland County, Glenn Heine Orkelbog says they give priority to check the archaeological discoveries fast at places where there is work done.

Photo: Private

He is aware that Melkevoll have done everything right and they say, the priority to investigate such findings quickly so that the work in place can continue.

– Kulturminnelova says that one is obligated to speak out when one makes such a discovery. Then there are additional handy when there are history buffs, people who make such discoveries, says Orkelbog.

MATPLASS: Kokegroper as this has been used for cooking since the stone age. We know yet not how old this gropa is.

Photo: Martinus Vik Threw himself around the

He was not late about to take a trip to Olden in order to get seen on the discoveries after that Melkevoll had made contact.

We found two fine kokegroper, which we’re working with to get dated. I believe that they can be from the viking age, but they can be even older, ” says Orkelbog.

INTERESTED: Inge Melkevoll think it’s great to make archaeological discoveries.

Photo: Gro Melkevoll / Private

In the course of half a day that they finish with undersøkingane and entrepreneur Inge Melkevoll be able to continue with his work. He thinks on his page it is amazing to find ancient traces of human activity.

I am excited to hear how old these pits are, says Melkevoll.