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The Norwegian kriseteamet landed on Italian soil late Wednesday night and has since assisted the staff of the Bolognini Di Deriate hospital east of Bergamo.

Bergamo is located in the hard-hit Lombardy region in the country, the epicenter for the spread of koronaviruset in the country.

easter Saturday died 619 italians, and the total dødstallet in the country now approach the 20,000 people. Over 150,000 people have tested positvt for infection.

– Total martial law

– We have come very good in time. We were transported directly to the hospital from the airport and began to work quite immediately, ” says the team leader, Johnny Aslaksen of the Norwegian Emergency Medical Team (NOR EMT).

The Norwegian health staff is sent for to relieve their Italian colleagues.

Photo: NOR EMT

the Team will work in Bergamo for the next four weeks.

Photo: NOR EMT Photo: NOR EMT

In the team are both doctors, nurses and logisticians from the civil defense.

Photo: NOR EMT

the Hotel where the crew stay in between as he addresses north korea.

Photo: NOR EMT

He says that for those of team-members who knew Italy from before, it has been a special experience to experience the country the way it is now.

We come to a total state of emergency in peacetime, with the restrictions that go far beyond what we have at home in Norway. The constraints are nearly absolute, with very few exceptions that one can go to the store and ventilate the dog, ” he says.

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the Norwegians are accommodated in a hotel a mile away from the hospital.

– What we see of Italy is the place we work, the place we live and the route between.

A clean koronasykehus

The Norwegian personnel are distributed in different departments of the hospital, which in practice is a clean koronasykehus for the moment.

Surgeon Guttorm Brattebø, says to NRK that they have good working conditions and that procedures and equipment are quite similar to what they know from Norwegian conditions.

– When we speak with colleagues our about how it was here then it was at their worst, it seems completely indescribable compared to now. They get tears in their eyes when they talked about the period that has been. It makes an impression, said Brattebø.

ENGLISH HELP: Johnny Rosenvinge and Guttorm Brattebø is part of the team that helps in the hospital in Bergamo.

Photo: NRK

the Hospital they work at is the largest in the region and to the usual in just under 700 beds to serve a population of around 400,000 people.

– To normal, the hospital has nine intensivsenger. When it was at it worst for a couple of weeks ago, there was 29 people on pustemaskin at the same time here, telling Brattebø.

He tells us that the orderlies have done about operasjonsstuer and the other room into the intensive care unit.

a Varied backgrounds

Kriseteamet consists of 22 people. 19 of them are nurses and doctors with diverse background. In addition, three persons from the civil defense to manage logistics.

– We helps both on intensivavsnittene and on sengepostene with both medical and sykepleierfaglig support to your colleagues. But first and foremost we are here to provide labour that can relieve them, ” says Brattebø.

The Norwegian kriseteamet is scheduled to work in the country in four weeks.

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