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KS its own survey this week shows a still large scope of different local karanteneregler. The despite High, and the confederation of Norwegian enterprise its clear prayer to about to drop the local regulations.

Still have 40 of the 41 municipalities in Nordland and 31 of the 39 municipalities in Troms and Finnmark retained “søringkarantene”, shows the survey which is done this week.

In the land for all other purposes, the local regulations are less common with the three municipalities in Trøndelag, four in the county of Møre and Romsdal and three in Vestfold and Telemark.

the NHO has claimed the local rules creates unnecessary problems for the business community. It is because the workers are not going to work without first going in the 14-day quarantine.

Believes the rules are working

Chairman of the board in KS, Bjørn Arild Gram says the municipalities follow up the guide, which describes how the municipalities can have their own smitteverntiltak beyond the national.

Photo: Hege K. Waterfalls Pedersen, KS

KS, which is the municipalities ‘ organisation, believes it works much better now even though the local karantenene is continued.

– The figures we have received show that 90 per cent of the applications for permission may be granted, and that the municipalities and the business community to find good solutions, ” says regional director of KS in the North-Norway, Tom Mikalsen.

KS also shows that apart from the three municipalities, as will the rest follow the guide that Health and Care services put forward in the previous week.

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– This shows two things: first, that the municipalities put the concern to the infectious disease and public health high. Also that they are so far they can put the emphasis on the consideration of the business needs. We also see that the new national tutor gets practical consequences for the municipalities, ” says the chairman of the board in KS, Bjørn Arild Gram.

KS clarifies that there may be sources of error and opportunities for questions can be interpreted in different ways in their survey and, therefore, that there is given that it provides the total picture.

Got the NHO-praise for the “søringkarantene” Not completely satisfied

This week selected the County governor in Troms and Finnmark, and invalidate the local “søringkarantenen” in Bardu municipality after a lovlighetskontroll of the council personal decision.

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the confederation of Norwegian enterprise boss Ole Erik Almlid is still not happy with the situation, but says it’s been better.

Photo: Terje Pedersen

the confederation of Norwegian enterprise boss Ole Erik Almlid is still not happy with the situation, but believe there was something better for their member companies.

– I register that fylkesmenn have followed up on any violations from the municipalities in a good way. In total, this means a somewhat improved situation.

But it is still the case that some municipalities insist on having special rules, and for the businesses and workplaces that are affected by this, it is not a great help that some municipalities now follow the national rules of the game, he writes the Norwegian broadcasting corporation NRK.

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the NHO-director of Nordland, Daniel Bjarmann-Simonsen, believes the map in this article well illustrates the problem.

the confederation of Norwegian enterprise director in Nordland, Daniel Bjarmann-Simonsen, says businesses keeps employees left on the plants during easter because of the karanteneregler.

Photo: Øystein Nygård / NRK

– There are too many different rules. It becomes difficult and you lose the confidence to smitteverntiltakene.

– I talked with a man yesterday that would have made an app with scheduled itineraries for their employees, so that he could know where he should apply for permission. They had to look in 10-15 municipalities on the way home.

Bjarmann-Simonsen says companies guardians to send their employees home in the easter week.

– There are multiple agreements with their employees that are at work on the plants during easter because they can’t go home without getting quarantined when they come back, he points out.

He says the confederation of Norwegian enterprise has to respect that municipalities want local rules. But ask them to make flexible arrangements so that healthy people can come on the job. He refers to the Bodø municipality, where visitors jobboppdrag no longer need to apply for permission in order to avoid quarantine.

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71 of the 80 municipalities in Northern Norway have still own karanteneregler. Here you can look up your municipality via the County governor in Nordland its interactive map.

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