The head of the convicted AMG gang from North Rhine-Westphalia wrote a book while in prison. It is mainly about the strategy of the group, which captured over 2.7 million euros within two years. Now he wants to try to be deported to Spain.

The AMG gang stole millions in North Rhine-Westphalia by looting ATMs and emptying vans. In 2018, the head of the gang, Spaniard Asier Rodriguez-Santos, was caught and subsequently sentenced to 12 years in prison. “I made mistakes, so I’m not a bad person,” he told the “Rheinische Post”. “I just went the wrong way.”

Rodriguez-Santos spent three and a half years writing his book about his wrong path during his imprisonment in the JVA in Willich. In “The AMG gang – how I made millions with robberies as the head of one of the most wanted criminal gangs”, the former gang boss reveals, among other things, the concrete rules of the gang: No sharp weapons, no drugs, only robberies that bring in at least 100,000 euros. For Rodriguez-Santos, this is a sign that he never wants to do it again. “Which magician shows people his tricks if he wants to continue doing magic,” he told the “RP”. If he hadn’t been caught, however, he would have continued, he admits.

He founded the gang with two classmates, FOCUS reported online as early as 2019. AMG gang – because the three each bought a Mercedes AMG S 63 through straw people. Rodriguez-Santos was particularly in the headlines when he and his gang stole around 1.8 million euros in a supermarket in Gronau in December 2017 with a wrong, repainted money transporter.

Even “Aktenzeichen XY” was being searched for the gang. In other instances, the gang looted ATMs and robbed a jewelry store. “I know that this person had problems because of it,” says Rodriguez-Santos about the jeweler, whom he threatened with death, “that was not wanted and planned.” The perpetrators would have forced the woman into the car, her pepper spray in the face sprayed and fled with jewelry worth 300,000 euros.

On December 4th, 2018, seven leading members of the AMG gang were arrested. They are said to have captured 2.575 million euros within two years with raids and thefts. The father of a daughter still has to serve eight years. He has applied for his deportation to Spain in order to be able to get into the open prison there more quickly. According to Rodriguez-Santos, even the JVA officials would respect him for his book.