Hashhandlen continuing unabated in the area outside of Christiania, where the drug pushers have taken up in Prinsessegade and on the ramparts omrkring Freetown. There, they sell hash, skunk and other cannabis products for the danes and the tourists who go home and smoke a quarantine-boils.

Sunday had dealers even set up tables at the old entrance on the corner of Bådsmandsstræde and hashkunder stood in long queues down the street to come to buy fjolletobak.

the Dealers used according to eyewitnesses, neither the gloves or håndsprit, when they attacked hashklumper over-the-counter. On the other hand, many of them were masked not to be recognized by the police.

Copenhagen Police confirm to B. T., that hashhandlen continues outside of Christiania.

“We have seen in the past that when Pusherstreet shuts down, so is there any of the profithunrende drug dealers who are trying to make sales in a different place, and we have also seen this time. In the foribndesle we have today made the arrest of three narkhandlere,” says Lars-Ole Karlsen, who is head of The Operational Centre in the Copenhagen Police.

Two drug pushers were arrested at a table on the corner of Bådsmandsstræde and Prinsessegade. A second was arrested on Christianshavns Torv.

“We are reminded, there will be the flare of the sale other places, and in this context we would like to invite the public to call police if they see the drug trade. It is also seen in the light of the fact that we can not have ,that the people assemble themselves together. Our opfrodring is, therefore, also, that you keep away from the drug traffickers – also in Copenhagen,” says Lars-OIe Karlsen.

Other sources give to B. T., that it is not Christianites who stands for hashhandlen in Prinsessegade, but outside criminals who see the opportunity to make a good black business in Coronaens shadow. It can be Lars-Ole Karlsen, however, not confirm. He says that one of the three arrested from in days past has had a case on the sale of hash in Pusherstreet.

Freetown was closed after police turned directly to the Fund Christiania to ask them to do something about the assemblies that took place in Christiania.

Previously, the police had been out with an invitation to the public to stay away from Christiania.

‘We get reports that there are a great many people assembled at f.ex. Amager Beach, Copenhagen. We understand that you will enjoy the good weather, but find places where there are no other and keep your distance,’ wrote the police on Twitter.

En B. T. on Friday visited Christiania, there were large groups of people assembled in the Pusher Street.

the Same day was held a joint meeting under the open sky on Fredens Eng.

“There were about 100 people, who stood with one and a half meters distance in between each other. You had to shout very loud, when you were going to say something,” says Hulda Mader, who is spokeswoman for Christiania.

the Meeting was not in violation of the forsamlingsforbuddet, when the political meetings are excluded. At the joint meeting, it was agreed to close Christiania.

“We can’t control the crowds that come here. We have been a tourist magnet, and now that people have the freedom to come out here throughout the day. We could see that the edicts which came from the health authorities were not respected, and therefore, we chose then to close Christiania,” says Hulda Mader.

Now is Christiania’s entrances blocked off with fences and slabs. Christiania has set guards up, there sørrger to only residents and people with a anerkendelsesmæssigt purpose of gaining access to the Tower.

There live many elderly people Christiania – old hippies – and some of them can be in the group, which will be very sick of COVID-19. Therefore, taking Christiania smittefaren very seriously.

Several Christianites have after a stay abroad chosen to voluntarily go into quarantine. Others are slack, but have not been able to be tested by health authorities.