for over 17 years, Brynjar Meling been a defender for mulla Krekar. He says that he in the course of time Krekars defender has experienced the stool and toxic powder in the mail, to get death threats, be awakened by the anonymous phones at night, and got several thousand hatmeldinger, both in kommentarfeltene and on social media.

After that on Thursday it became known that mulla Krekar is extradited to Italy, poured it again into hatmeldinger.

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DEFENSE: Brynjar Meling has defended the mulla Krekar for over 17 years.

Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix Calculated part of the job

Meling has published several of the messages he has received on his open profile on Facebook. He believes that this type of behavior towards actors in and around the judiciary is a societal problem and that it puts the recruitment to working as a defense attorney in danger.

– Understand that many believe that my “mission” for mulla Krekar has been a lucrative career path. This is not written to gain pity or compassion. I don’t need it. This is self-imposed, and it is for me a “calculated part of the job,” writes Meling on Facebook.

the Face of the NRK elaborates on the he:

I wanted to draw attention to a societal problem and a challenge for us who are stakeholders in the judiciary. Maybe stop it that I have said from on this way, but perhaps it is just to put the guy on a bonfire. What will the future view, ” says Meling.

mulla Krekar and Brynjar Meling on the way to a fengslingsmøte in the Oslo district court.

Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB scanpix Comment: the content Provided in travel at express speed with – First pissed, so a bit tired to me

He estimates that he has received about 400 messages in the last few days. Most of them have been negative.

– I shall not say that I was shocked, for I have been accustomed to a lot through the years, but that it would take so of with hatmeldinger after the sending of a sick man, as I and put in the context of kakestuntet to the two former justisministere, made me first angry, then a little bored to me.

– Not necessarily on their own behalf, but that there are so many people who do not understand what a forsvareroppgave consists in. And I made me some thoughts about what it may mean for the type of job that I have been in, in this case, says Meling to NRK.

KAKEFEST: The former justisministrene Jøran Kallmyr and Sylvi Listhaug celebrated delivery with the cake on Thursday afternoon.

Photo: Olaf Døvik / NRK “Dad your deserve to die”

According to Meling has hated also affected his family. He is clear that there has been a strain.

Phones to the office and back in the time where they have established children’s skoleveg accompanied with questions about the I think I see them again. Also remember the 13-åringens reaction to the message on your Phone that “dad your deserve to die”, an episode that has made an impression, write Meling on Facebook.

Although Krekar now is extradited to Italy and received an Italian lawyer, he sees not finished with the matter.

– I have today had my first conference call with my Italian colleague and continue with it on Monday. I’m well underway with the preparations for the appeal, he says to NRK.

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ITALY: Rebibbia prison in Rome. Here Krekar now, according to his defense.

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