in Spite of a further decline in infection with the Corona-epidemic numbers in lower Saxony, charged, increasingly, the homes for the elderly. After 22 death Burger home as well as dozens of infections in a home in Wildeshausen (Kreis Oldenburg) cases in a wolf were reported on Tuesday from an old home in Bramsche (district of Osnabrück) 42 infected residents. 16 came to the hospital, two have died in the meantime, as the district of Osnabrück, told. In seven of the 91 employees a Test was positive.

The Ministry of health checks, meanwhile, an increase in the test frequency for the staff of nursing homes to eliminate those that in spite of infection, no symptoms of the disease. The Deputy head of the crisis unit of the state government, Claudia Schröder, according to a better structuring of the home medical supply is considered.

For the home in Bramsche adopted the health service strict conditions. Already last Wednesday the home had reported that a resident was infected. According to the district, it was indicated, comprehensive measures of Hygiene and Isolation, to implement. On Saturday, the circle have received a note that there is in the home already more than 20 people with an elevated temperature and the hygienic conditions were insufficient. A control of the notes, and of the inhabitants of swabs and sent to the laboratory were made and confirmed.

In a Coronavirus-affected seniors home in Wildeshausen will continue to be 35 demonstrably infected residents supplied. Therefore, the home will not be closed, said a spokesman of the rural district of Oldenburg. He made no further disclosures to a criminal complaint, which had placed the circle against the home line. It had been in breach of a specially issued edition, said spokesman Oliver Galeotti. Everything else is the subject of the investigation by the Prosecutor’s office. 13 non-infected residents had been days ago, to the Guesthouse of the vocational promotion plant of Weser-Ems in Ganderkesee evicted.

for the First time since the outbreak of the epidemic has decreased, meanwhile the number of active with the Coronavirus-infected people in lower Saxony. On Tuesday, less new HIV infections were added as a new Convalescent, said the Deputy crisis Director Schroeder. So have there been since Monday 141 new infections and 221 of the new Convalescent. However, you wanted to from the days, no General trend in values to derive the turn and urged to continue to strictly adhere to the contact limitations. “We have not yet reached it, that the curve drops.”

The number of Infected rose on Tuesday to 141 on 6359, the the as recovered classified people to almost 2000. More than 900 Affected will be treated in the hospital, 228 of them in the ICU. 164 of these patients must be artificially ventilated. The number of disease deaths of people rose to 122 to 108 on the previous day. To make the clinics more space for more Corona-patients, have now been converted into 32 rehabilitation hospitals Replacement hospitals. Thus, there is in the regular clinics are now more than 3,000 additional beds for Coronavirus patients.

Before the Easter weekend, lower Saxony, to fit the current contact restrictions. Private visits in slimmed-down Form, are over the holidays are now possible, said Schroeder. The strict prohibition of Visits of people that do not belong to one’s own household, was abolished, as previously announced. At the same time, Schröder appealed but, visitor contacts due to the risk of infection to restrict. An encounter in the Outdoors is preferable to an appointment at home. Large family gatherings or parties remained taboo.

the opportunity to participate in weddings and funerals, the circle of friends may now be a maximum of ten people from the family or close visited is Extended with the new regulation. In addition, the accompaniment was Dying. In addition, the fully automatic operation of car wash systems in the future.