A Greek fighter plane crashed in the Ionian Sea on Monday. Two pilots are still missing. The hope that the two have survived the accident continues to dwindle. One of the two was recovered already dead.

When a Greek fighter plane crashed over the Ionian Sea in the west of the country, one of the two pilots on board died. The second pilot was still missing on Monday evening, according to the Ministry of Defense. Rescue teams were able to salvage the body of a pilot from the floods several hours after the accident, as reported by the state broadcaster (ERT), citing the Coast Guard.

Pilots of another Greek plane witnessed the crash of the F-4 Phantom 2 on Monday, the report said. At the time of the accident, the pilots of the supported jet were practicing a low-level flight west of the coast of the Peloponnese peninsula. The hope of recovering the missing pilot alive is dwindling, experts said on the radio.

The accident is not associated with the tensions between Greece and Turkey from circles of the Ministry of Defense in Athens. The NATO countries have been fighting over sovereign rights in the Aegean and the eastern Mediterranean for decades.

In “Hart aber fair” a spokeswoman for the “Last Generation” fabulates about a “social council” whose measures would actually be implemented. Under the guise of climate protection, a kind of eco-socialism is being propagated here. That is anti-democratic and misplaced.

Two people were killed and seven injured in a knife attack on a regional train from Kiel to Hamburg on Wednesday. A man attacked travelers with a knife before arriving at Brokstedt station. The suspect is known to the police and has been arrested. All news in the ticker.