Governors in the coronavirus whether to wait for new resignations

the head of the government of Russia Michael Mishustin has carried governors of the country for a formal relationship to the tasks on the background of the coronavirus set before them by President Vladimir Putin. Until April 28, he asked them to form medical teams to combat infection, to accumulate a stock of personal protective equipment and so on. Despite this, some regions are clearly not in a hurry to improve. We asked the experts about the likelihood of the imminent next update of the governors.

for Example, the Ministry of health of Rostov region just falsified statistics to prepare for the epidemic. In particular, it overestimated the number of additional beds for the infected, exaggerated its capabilities in the provision of oxygen equipment and so on. In addition, it was found that not all doctors comply with the precautionary measures in the fight against coronavirus. People don’t use masks, gloves and so on.

Validation of Tuva has revealed the absence in the Republic of protective suits. In fact, doctors are forced to deal with the coronavirus at your own risk. But lucky the rest of Siberia – there is this good enough for the next 32 days.

Vladimir oblast decided to stock up on the ventilator, but not very successfully. The region has already delivered more than 50 of faulty machines. Apparently, the scandal of the authorities was not enough, and they decided to impose quarantine in Petushki and the surrounding area. Among others there is forbidden to work all entrepreneurs, even those who are willing to work remotely.

a kind of icing on the cake of combating coronavirus has become North Ossetia, in the capital, where about 4 thousand went to the people’s Assembly against the isolation. People claim that under the pretext of the fight against the pandemic, the authorities deprived them of work, and now they have run out of food. The opposition demands the resignation of the head of the Republic Vyacheslav Bitarova. In danger of the virus most do not believe.

This is just some of the most vivid sketches of how the regions are struggling with the coronavirus. Whether taken personnel decisions as a result of this underestimation of the pandemic, “MK” has found out from the experts:

Konstantin Kalachev, analyst: “the Coronavirus may be the cause, and may be the reason for the resignation of the Governor. But, in any case, one of the pandemic would not be enough to make the decision on dismissal of the man. Need a combination of several factors.

however, first we must understand what is considered to be ineffective against the pandemic. See, for example, in the Tver region – there is one of the softest modes to combat coronavirus. In Astrakhan, on the contrary, very hard scenario. It would seem that the regions are headed by people from one system, but they run quite differently.

it’s not clear, for what to punish and what to reward. The President said that the need to think about how not to hurt the economy, the Prime Minister said that the need to keep the quarantine, and the mayor proposes to extend the experience of the capital to other regions. Much will depend on whether or not the switchman. A large part of governors feels OK, in particular, their ratings are higher antireytinge. But someone will fall victim.”

Ilya Graschenkov, General Director of the Center for the development of regional policy: “the Kremlin surely has a list of governors who have wanted to change. In respect of some of them can use a new reason in the form of a coronavirus. In particular, it concerns heads of Khakassia, Vladimir region and Khabarovsk territory.

But there are regions where financial-industrial elite are in conflict with the Governor, and therefore try to convey to the Federal center news that people cannot cope. Under attack may be of Kalmykia, Irkutsk oblast, Karelia and so on. The problem is that it is unclear how to deal with the coronavirus. Even it is not clear how needed the ventilator. For example, the Governor has purchased 100 devices, and then it turns out that they are not needed, and how it will report on the costs? In addition, the Governor of Kamchatka was removed due to the fact that he had zero patients. He said he wasn’t struggling with the coronavirus, and how then? Very much will depend on interpretations”.

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