The five companies Mediafarm, Mediability, Screen Story, NRK Rogaland and Stavanger Aftenblad have now signed a memorandum of understanding for co-location.

Bright also supports the project.

Since 2017 has been working actively to link the media and teknologimiljøet in the region closer together.

– strength mediemangfoldet

In the year led it to the that it was established in a cluster. Now take some of the klyngemedlemmene step further, with a view to co-location in Stavanger city centre.

– Mediebyen must be visible and accessible to the public. We will strengthen mediemangfoldet and be a good meeting place both for audience and the industry, ” says distriktsredaktør in NRK Rogaland, Ragnar Christensen.

Distriktsredaktør in NRK Rogaland, Ragnar Christensen.

Photo: Ole Kaland / Ole Kaland, NRK

He believes it is important that some well-established businesses are now taking the initiative, but stresses that the goal is to get more small and large businesses to move into mediebyen.

Want to move in together before 2024

editor-in-chief Lars Helle, Stavanger Aftenblad think a medieby clear corporate mandate, at the same time as it can pull both staff and students to the region.

it will be both research, lectures and dissemination, he stresses, and hope the cooperation also can trigger projects in collaboration with other clusters and institutions in the region, which is underlined by the other firms who stand at the head of the project.

editor-in-chief, Stavanger Aftenblad, Lars Helle.

Photo: Håvard Tanche-Larsen Knutsen

I have faith that we can create a media and technology environment, which can conquer new markets and strengthen the region’s ability to face the changes and competition, ” says managing director Annenita Hills Schoyen in Mediafarm.

The next steps for the project are to recruit a project manager, who will be working with the detailed planning, progress, and contact with possible developers and landlords. Working to get more into cooperation is also started.

the Target is moving at in the course of 2023.