Two climate activists vacationed in Southeast Asia. Not professionally, but purely “privately”. No more malice! Germany must support the holidays of the climate stickers with a solo.

A young climate activist couple skipped a district court hearing in Bad Cannstatt because they preferred to fly to Bali. double standard? No piece! And certainly no reason to get excited.

why? Luisa and Yannick should have appeared in court as climate activists because they glued themselves to a federal highway. Instead, they preferred to go on vacation in their second skin, as private individuals. The spokesman for the “Last Generation” is right: “You have to be able to tell them apart.”

In order to deprive the envious of any basis in the future, every person should have a legally guaranteed basic right to a nice long-distance vacation. And because the climate clerks have a very difficult job and repeatedly have to endure being removed from the street by police officers, there should be holiday pay for them.

No, like a holiday solo. Paid by all the drivers who not only pollute the air for base motives, but also have the nerve to complain to the Luisas and Yannicks of the “last generation” that they are late for the office. And the judges who dared to subpoena Yannick and Luisa instead of giving them a guide to Bali.

Special thanks to the Bali tourists Luisa and Yannick. They made inhuman sacrifices. Just imagine where the two have stuck: on the B10 near Stuttgart. Not the German Wine Road, not the German Alpine Road or even the Roßfeld Panorama Road, where you could enjoy the beautiful view a bit as a climate glue. Even in die-hard climate activist circles, the B10 is considered the toughest road in the world.

So one wonders why the couple doesn’t add a whole trip around the world to their vacation to relax: New York, Rio, Tokyo. Everything is private, of course. With their climate account, the two can afford the flights – and without a guilty conscience. Or did you top up the climate account as a climate sticker? It doesn’t matter, the main thing is vacation.

And when they come back, they’ll notice: Whoever has Baden-Württemberg doesn’t actually need Bali. It says something similar on “Baden-Württemberg – THE LÄND”, an official destination of the most south-western federal state on the Internet:

“THE LÄND doesn’t have to look like London, Mumbai or Tokyo to be a place of longing. After all, we score with completely different advantages: for example with Stuttgart, the state capital with around 610,000 inhabitants.” And further down: “Surrounded by vineyards, fields, forests and meadows. Typical for THE LÄND. Because just like in Stuttgart, our other inner cities in Mannheim, Karlsruhe, Freiburg im Breisgau, Heidelberg and Ulm are also close to nature. An advantage that can be easily exploited thanks to a well-developed network of roads and public transport.”

And since they slipped out of their second skin as private individuals again after their vacation in Bali and are once again climate activists, they can use this developed network of roads to do their hard work right away.

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