To add more shine to their hair, young women mix glitter into their hair care products. But a dermatologist warns about the new “glitter hair hack” on social media.

Long, healthy and, above all, shiny hair is considered by many to be the ideal of beauty. There are numerous tips and tricks on social networks on how you can emulate this. Videos about the so-called “Glitter Hair Hack” are currently being viewed thousands of times. By adding craft glitter, the hair should shine in a completely new shine. But a dermatologist warns against it, according to reports in the New York Post. 

Influencer Amara Chehade also shared her experiences with the hair tip on TikTok. In the video, you can see her mixing gold glitter into clear shampoo and then applying it all over her hair. Around seven million people have now watched her online. 

However, many users express their concerns in the comments. “I don’t even want to think about the itching,” writes one user, for example. Others, however, suggest mixing the glitter into hair gel.  

While the trend is quickly spreading in various variations on social networks, dermatologist Dr. According to the New York Post, Hamdan Abdullah Hamed said: “Glitter, which is made of plastic, melts and leaves a plastic smell in the hair. In addition, the hair becomes brittle and can even weaken over time.”

Dr. Hamed further points out that the glitter often found in craft kits is often made of toxic plastic. It can clog hair follicles, which not only leads to scalp irritation and dandruff, but can also limit healthy hair growth. 

That’s why he advises avoiding plastic components or artificial ingredients such as parabens in hair care products. According to the dermatologist, if you still don’t want to miss out on the sparkling effect, you can use hair shine and color sprays, which are generally safer when bought in the store. Glitter hair clips and headbands can also be used to eliminate any risk of damage.

This isn’t the first time a TikTok trend has been criticized by dermatologists. The fear of wrinkles seems to be so great among teenagers that 18-year-olds are already using “baby Botox” to combat the first supposed signs of age. 

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