Waiting for freight, in the closed EU borders is less than 15 minutes after the new guidelines.

Freight can cross the vast majority of partially closed EU borders in under 15 minutes, according to the EU Commission guidelines on green lanes is implemented by the EU member states.

It shows a map of the waiting time at the EU’s border crossings from the EU Commission.

A large number of EU countries – including Denmark – have chosen to partially close its borders for certain persons to reduce the spread of coronaviruses.

But the freight must still be able to move freely in the EU. The EU Commission president, Ursula von der Leyen, reiterated several times.

Therefore, the EUROPEAN Commission has encouraged member states to introduce “green lanes”, which gives priority to all carriage of goods and which must be able to cross the borders at a maximum of 15 minutes.

The guidelines are now implemented at many border crossings.

And several countries have got to grips with the enormous queues of between 20 and 40 hours, as trucks have been stuck in recent weeks.

It is especially in the course of the weekend, that there has been the greatest improvements, says a spokesman for the EUROPEAN Commission.

– the EU Commission has called for to implement the guidelines as soon as possible. They are now been widely respected by the member states, and therefore we have seen a positive development over the weekend.

– By far most of the borders we see a latency of less than 15 minutes, but there is still a little longer wait time in some places, he says.

At a border crossing between Hungary and Romania, on Monday afternoon two-hour queue, the map shows.