The number of asylum applications in Germany continues to rise. In 2022, the Federal Republic will have the most applications in the European Union. The majority of those seeking protection come from Syria.

According to a confidential “situation report” by the EU Commission and the European External Action Service dated December 14, Germany is still the EU leader in asylum applications. This is reported by the “world”. According to this, 190,749 people have applied for asylum in Germany since the beginning of the year. Compared to the previous year, this is an increase of 57 percent. They are followed in absolute numbers by France (115,820), Spain (111,220), Austria (106,554) and Italy (78,897).

In percentage terms, the plus was strongest in Ireland. The number jumped 439 percent to 12,804. In Estonia, the number grew by 365 percent (2716 applications), followed by Austria with 202 percent.

The fewest asylum applications were registered in Hungary (43), Slovakia (382) and Latvia (548). Refugees from Ukraine are largely not included in the statistics, since they no longer have to apply for asylum since March due to the war and a consequent special rule.

In Germany this year, most asylum applications came from Syria (27 percent). It is followed by Afghanistan (17 percent), Turkey (ten percent), Iraq (6.9 percent) and Georgia (four percent).

According to “Welt”, there are many reasons for the major differences within the EU. Besides the geographic location, as in the case of Latvia, certain administrative regulations in countries like Hungary are also responsible. The Hungarians have no interest in registering or even taking in those seeking help. The country is thus violating European asylum law. Countries like Greece and Italy are also sometimes accused of this.

According to official information from the EU border protection agency Frontex, the most important route for illegal migration this year was the Western Balkans. By November, a total of 308,000 irregular entries were recorded at European external borders – 45 percent via that route alone.