In the Moscow region and St. Petersburg in the near future will be fined for being in public places and transport without protective masks and disposable gloves. The penalty will be discharged even in the absence of one of these items. The effectiveness of masks in preventing COVID-19 doubt among experts is not because you need them recognized by the world health organization, says DW. C gloves in different situation.

of Course, doctors are obliged to work with gloves, but they only protect the hands from gross contamination of blood and other fluids. The virus gloves protect only for a very short time. They are made of a porous material. So the longer you wear them, the easier pathogens can penetrate. That is why doctors are after use disposable gloves, thoroughly wash and disinfect hands.

additionally, many doctors suggest that wearing gloves increases the risk of infection by coronavirus, as these hands begin to sweat and humid climate is an ideal environment for bacteria and viruses of all kinds.

thus, the German physician mark Hunefeld in their social networks urged citizens not to wear gloves in everyday life.

“In a warm and moist environment under the glove bacteria readily multiply. At the latest after the removal of gloves you have on hand is formed a real cesspool, to congratulate you,” explained the doctor.

This is the opinion of the pulmonologist and Jens Matthew. In an interview with German media company SWR he stressed that gloves not only protect against coronavirus, but can even lead to infection.