When times are say the least exceptional, it can give a good feeling to grow some of the food we need for the dinner itself.

And like any growths that amounts to a little on the plate.

Gartner Tor Haugberg at the Grove and garden centre of Fauske has great tips. And the good news is that this gets you to, even if space at home is small.

1. Potato Photo: Kari Mette Skreslet / NRK

– Why not grow your own potatoes in the potty? Haugberg walks over to one of the shelves with equipment to hjemmedyrking, and pulls forward a large potty.

– This potetpotta has a double bottom. Here you can put down a potato, and then you can have the inside of the approaching summer. Then set it out on the balcony or the stairs.

The double bottom makes the potatoes can be harvested from the pot throughout the season, ” explains Haugberg.

You can get actually several potatoes from the same plant when one cultivates in this way, than from a plant that stands out in the field. Potetplanten is straightforward to get to, but make sure that it does not dry.

– you Can use a potato from the bag that we have purchased in the store?

– Yes. Do you have a potato in your cupboard that have started to germinate, you can try with it. If you want to know absolutely for sure that the potato you put in the soil do not have any diseases, you can buy a so-called certified settepotet at your local gardener, says gartner Haugberg with a cheeky smile.

2. Onions

Onions are also something you can cultivate in the potty, plantekasser, verandakasse or pallekarmer. There are many kinds of setteløker. They can run back inside, but for us here in the north it might be a bit early yet, considering that they would like to be out on the balcony after each.

It is a bit different from how the onion grows. Some setteløker grow a little like potatoes, so that an onion gives a cluster with several new bulbs. While others just grow out and is great.

And with potatoes and onions and again, we have a lot of good dinner in store.

– What more can we get to cultivate in our apartment?

3. Parsley Photo: Agnete Bjelland Tjøm / NRK

Parsley is perfect to cut up and drysse over the potatoes. Parsley must forkultiveres. It will say that you sow the seeds and let it sprout, and feel free to prikler over in a potty a little bit later.

for example, If you planted ten seeds in a pot, then you take up one of the small plans and gives them a little bit better place in a different potty.

Many types of herbs, such as parsley, basil mint and another, you can feel good inside.

But they are dependent on light, so make sure that they are standing near a window, advises Haugberg.

Various spice plants has a different length of time they must forkultiveres, so check carefully the instructions behind on frøpakken.

4. Tomato

Now is the time to sow and forkultivere tomaten. It can stand inside on the window sill the whole season.

Haugberg lets her fingers slide along the shelf with frøposer while he tells us that there is a wealth of tomatsorter to choose from; jordbærtomater, busktomater, and klasetomater, among other things.

If one does not have as large windows, busktomat be a good choice, for the plant is not so high. There are also ampeltomater that you may have hanging both inside and out. But remember: all tomatoes must have it hot.

5. Cucumber

The usual slangeagurken is probably a bit large to worship in a small apartment. It has very large leaves, and the plantestilken can be many metres long.

– Now there potteagurk that do not get as large and high as the slangeagurken, which are well-suited to cultivate and have your portrait inside. A plant can give you a lot of cucumbers, but needs a lot of water, and likes to be showered.

Then we have the potato with persilledryss, onion, tomato and cucumber. Now we lack only the lamb to make the meal complete.

– But that you cannot get here on gartneriet. Then I get trouble, ” laughs the gardener Haugberg.