Thursday evening, Fabiola Nyrva Aladin hosted the 8th Gala Artisans Québec Cinéma at Studio TD, where 18 of the 30 Iris prizes were awarded in the technical, documentary and short film categories.

Among the 47 films, all categories combined, released between March 6, 2022 and August 31, 2023, competing for 30 Iris prizes, Viking, by Stéphane Lafleur, stood out at the Artisans Gala by obtaining 7 Iris prizes. Nominated 18 times, Viking, let us remember, will face Babysitter, by Monia Chokri, The Red Rooms, by Pascal Plante, The Diver, by Francis Leclerc, Arsenault et fils, by Rafaël Ouellet, Falcon Lake, by Charlotte Le Bon, and Noémie dit oui, by Geneviève Albert, for the Iris for Best Film, Sunday, at the Gala Québec Cinéma.

Thursday evening, several Viking artisans were able to take the stage at Studio TD. André-Line Beauparlant, Sara Mishara and Sophie Leblond, in order, won the Iris for Best Artistic Direction, Best Cinematography and Best Editing. For their part, Marie-Claude Lafontaine and Simon Beaupré received the Iris for Best Visual Effects, while Sylvain Bellemare, Bernard Gariépy Strobl and Pierre Bertrand walked away with the Iris for Best Sound. The prize for Best Costumes was awarded to Sophie Lefebvre and that for Best Casting of Roles went to Lucie Robitaille and Dandy Thibaudeau at Casting Lucie Robitaille.

The Best Makeup prize was awarded to Lyne Tremblay, Faustina De Sousa, François Gauthier and Michael Loncin for Farador, by Édouard Albernhe Tremblay; and the Iris for Best Hairstyle to Richard Hansen, Réjean Forget and Johanne Hansen for La cordonnière, by François Bouvier. For his part, Daniel Bélanger won the Iris for Best Original Music for Confessions, by Luc Picard.

Falcon Lake, by Charlotte Le Bon, won the Iris for Film with the most success outside of Quebec.

Geographies of Solitude allowed director Jacquelyn Mills to win two awards, the Iris for Best Direction of Photography (documentary film) and, with sound designer Andreas Mendritzki, the Iris for Best Sound (film documentary).

For its part, the Iris for Best Editing (documentary film) was awarded to director Jeremiah Hayes for Dear Audrey. Gabor, by Joannie Lafrenière, won the award for Best Original Music (documentary film) thanks to singer-songwriter Gervaise.

Finally, the short films Madeleine, by Raquel Sancinetti, Notes on Memory and Oblivion, by Amélie Hardy, and Invincible, by Vincent-René Lortie, respectively won the Iris for Best Short or Medium Film (Animation), Best Short or Medium Film (Documentary) and Best Short or Medium Film (Fiction).

Sunday, from 8 p.m., on Noovo and, Jay Du Temple will host the Gala Québec Cinéma, where 12 Iris awards will be distributed, including those for acting, the Iris tribute to Rémy Girard and the Audience Award. Included in this category are: December 23, by Miryam Bouchard, Confessions, by Luc Picard, Katak the brave beluga, by Christine Dallaire-Dupont and Nicola Lemay, Le temps d’un été, by Louise Archambault, and My mother’s men, d ‘Anik Jean.