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It burns in a detached house Alstad Norwegian fishing village in the Lofoten islands.

110-dispatcher informs the opposite NRK that it burns in the design of a farm.

According to the police, there is a lot of smoke in the area that goes down towards the buildings with the animals in.

the Fire department is now on site and working to extinguish the fire.

– It burns in a detached house, a residential home on the farm, ” says vaktkommandør John Harald Løkås at 110-dispatcher in the county of Nordland to NRK.

Police sign that the house is to salvage and that, therefore, they now give priority to work for the fire not to spread.

All persons are accounted for.

emergency Services reported first that the fire was at around bøstad, in the Norwegian fishing village, but confirms to NRK that the fire is in a residential building at Alstad in the same municipality.