France rounds a boring milestone with over 10,000 dead since the coronavirus broke out.

In France, which on Tuesday registered 1417 deaths among coronasmittede at the nation’s hospitals and nursing homes in the course of a day.

It is the highest number of coronadødsfald, French authorities have registered in a day.

Of them is 820 died at the nursing home, while 597 have died in a hospital. It shall notify the head of the French national institute of health, Jerome Salomon, on Tuesday evening, according to news agency Reuters.

Monday was the number of registered deaths stands at 833. Of them was 607 at the hospitals.

In the eruption first weeks spoke France only the victims of the country’s hospitals. It is only recently that man has begun to take the deaths of at plejehjemmene in the total inventories. And it has got the numbers to increase significantly.

There may be some lag in the figures from the country’s nursing homes.

The total death toll, since coronavirusset broke out in February, is now up over 10.300. Of them is less than one-third elderly died on the country’s nursing home, writes the news agency AFP.

the Number of coronasmittede patients in the French hospitals in the past day has increased by almost 3800.

– the Epidemic continues its development, warns Jerome Solomon at a press conference.

a Little over 78.000 coronasyge people are hospitalized in the country’s hospitals.

Of them is 7131 seriously ill hospitalized in the intensive care unit. There is, however, only registered a minor increase of 59 patients in its intensive care unit since Tuesday.

– We are not yet at the top, for every evening there are several hospitalized patients, and each evening there is slightly more patients in the intensive care unit, says the head of the French national institute of health.

– So we are still at the epidemic’s upward curve, although it has slowed up a bit, says Solomon, according to the news agency dpa.