Opinions about the virus triggered a fyreseddel to the tv host Trish Regan, who previously has made fun of Denmark.

The american nyhedsvært on the Fox Business Trish Regan has been fired from the tv channel. It writes the american media Deadline.

It happens, after that Trish Regan has come in a storm for his controversial opinions on the coronavirus.

In its programme on Monday 9. march raged Trish Regan against the democrats and called coronaviruses of a scam.

– It is yet another attempt to damage the president. With no thought of the devastation they create. Losses in the stock market is for those just political costs.

– We see the left wing boil over with hatred. The user coronavirus to demonize and destroy the government. They don’t care who they damage. Whether it is to create mass hysteria in order to trigger aktiefald and stop our economy, said Trish Regan.

She said that coronavirus is no worse – in fact, less bad – than the ordinary flu.

It came to pass, however, at roughly the same time that other parts of the Fox News group italesatte the severity of the coronavirus. According to The New York Times wrote that Fox News’ management to employees:

– Remember that the viewers trust that we are informed during a crisis of this size. We provide an important service to our viewers as a resource for all americans.

Regan was subsequently taken of the screen, and here barely three weeks later, it is clear that she does not return.

at Home was Trish Regan known as she in 2018 compared Denmark with Venezuela and came with a number of erroneous and misleading claims.

It triggered the response from a number of Danish politicians.