PENDING: CCS-director Jannicke Gerner Bjerkås in Fortum Heat believes The decision is important, but not enough.

Photo: Terje Bendiksby / NTB scanpix

– We are not there that we have hoisted the flag and we feel that we are saved. We see that there is strong political will, and there are very strong signals from the storting that this project is important. This we take with us and we are happy, but nothing is decided until it is decided, ” says the director for CCS at Fortum Oslo Warm, Jannicke Gerner Bjerkås, to NRK.

CCS stands for “Carbon Capture and Storage, or carbon capture and storage on the Norwegian.

In the years Bjerkås worked for that CO₂ from forbrenningsanlegget at Klemetsrud in Oslo should be able to be captured, transported and finally stored under the bottom of the north Sea.

the Plant at Klemetsrud is together with Norcems plant in Brevik the two candidates that are left behind when it comes to getting in place a full-scale plant for CO₂-handling in Norway. But both projects are dependent on state money to be completed.

A final decision on investment has allowed to wait on themselves.

the Government must decide in the fall of 2020

Now, however, carbon capture and storage (CCS) has been one of the measures to help the Norwegian economy on its feet through in koronakrisen.

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In the latest krisepakken which was presented on Tuesday, the Norwegian Parliament that the government shall take a decision no later than five in the fall of 2020:

“the Parliament has asked the government expedite an investment decision for carbon capture and storage and present this no later than march 2021, as well as putting in time assessment of carbon capture for incineration in Bergen, Trondheim and Stavanger.”

the Government’s original plan, which is described in the state budget for 2020, was also that the investment decision should come in the fall of 2020 in connection with the budget for 2021. BUT: It lay inside a subject that the schedule was “tight” and that a decision could be pushed to 2021.

This option for an extension, the Storting has now removed. In addition to the incineration in Bergen, Trondheim and Stavanger will be assessed for possible CO₂ capture.

Have promised it before

It was during nyttårstalen in 2007 that then-prime minister Jens Stoltenberg talked about carbon capture and storage as “Norway’s” moon landing project””. It didn’t go as planned.

Jens Disastrous nyttårstale for 2007. You need javascript to see the video.

Jens Disastrous nyttårstale for 2007.

13 years later, it has not yet taken a final decision to build such a plant here in the country.

Solberg-the government had in 2013 an ambition to realize at least one plant by 2020. In the years that followed was the decision to invest the billion needed deferred a number of times.

The recent signals from the government has been that there would be an investment decision in the budget for 2021.

So how is krisepakken today different than what is promised in the past?

SV was an advocate for CCS in the korona-krisepakken. Deputy chairman of the party, Torgeir Knag Fylkesnes think it is different now.

member of parliament, Torgeir Knag Fylkesnes (A)

Photo: Berit Roald / NTB scanpix

In contrast to previously, where it was in the blue and when investment decision-making would come, is it now decided that this is going to happen, and we shall go in time the latest from the fall of the. It is an important signal to all industriaktørene who now stand ready.

secretary of state Tony Tiller (H) in the ministry of Petroleum and energy mean on his page that the Parliamentary decision does not lead to any dramatic change of schedule.

secretary of state Tony Tiller (H) in the ministry of Petroleum and energy.

Photo: Right

” We think it is positive that a wide majority want to get on the space project. It is completely in line with what has been the government’s ambition for a long time to have a decision ready for the state budget for 2021, ” says Tiller to NRK.

Even more binding

There will be an investment decision, say politicians. But haven’t we heard this many times before?

Nrk’s political commentator Lars Nehru Sand believes that the Government and the Parliament now agreed that we are more committed than in the past.

Political commentator at NRK, Lars Nehru Sand, ” says the political pressure on to get realized a carbon capture project has increased.

Photo: Anne Liv Ekroll / NRK

– They put the two lines below that this is something we are going to use many billion. They say in practice that it will come to a decision about the allocations when the government presents the state budget for 2021 in October, ” he says.

Sand think there are many who breathe a sigh of relief now.

– With the promise that the government came up with today, it’s not something they can go back on.

Lifts not flag

Bjerkås in Fortum corporation will, however, not happy yet. She points out that politicians don’t say anything about it being one or two fangstprosjekter. In that case, is it between Klemetsrud in Oslo and sementfabrikken Norcems plant in Brevik.

Estimates from the two fangstprosjektene shows that full-scale CCS both locations will provide approximately 2500 new jobs in four years in anleggsfasen. Then about 80 new jobs in the operational phase. In addition, all those who will be working with the transport and storage of CO₂.

– How much does it help you that the decision comes in the fall and not be pushed further out in 2021?

– It is very important that the decision comes in the fall. This prevents downsizing and ensures that the resources, credibility and optimism in the supplier market. The faster the decision is taken, the faster will also the positive ripple effects experienced in the labor market and the industry.