Foreigners are allowed to stay in Russia and urged to comply with the quarantine

the Memo posted in instant messengers and social networks of the Ministry of interior of Russia, and in printed form it is distributed by the police in places of work and residence of immigrants. “The distribution of reminders will have a positive impact on the awareness of people about the pandemic, in an accessible form will remind foreigners about individual prevention, which is particularly necessary to observe in this period”, – stressed in the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia.

Photo: Vladimir Astapkovich / RIA Novosti Some categories of foreigners will become easier to obtain citizenship of the Russian Federation

In the press center of the Ministry of interior said that the creation of such a memo is an initiative of GU MVD of Russia in the Irkutsk region, where the region remains 36 thousand foreign citizens and individuals without citizenship. In Irkutsk the circulation of the memo has already passed external police squads, employers, as well as in companies, where often the workers.

on Tuesday the interior Ministry also reminded that with the introduction of coronavirus restrictive measures that foreign nationals may extend the term of temporary stay on the territory of Russia. So, the validity of visas for foreigners is extended for 90 days regardless of the purpose of their stay in the country. “In the case of expiry of the existing visa the period of temporary stay will also be extended with the subsequent issuance of transit visas to leave Russia”, – quotes RIA Novosti the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia at your request.

Earlier, the interior Ministry reported that the visas will be extended in connection with the spread of coronavirus infection, but did not specify the terms for such extension. In particular, the police Department explained that on 19 March, foreign nationals may extend the period of temporary stay in the territory of the Russian Federation. For this they need to contact the nearest to the place of their actual location territorial body of the MIA of Russia with the application in any form.

Foreign nationals arriving in Russia in order not requiring obtaining a visa has also automatically extended the period of stay on the territory of the Russian Federation, including in cases, if it is already expired. This measure applies to citizens of the former Soviet Union, which in our country very much. As you know, most of the neighbouring States closed their borders, so tens or even hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians, Moldovans and citizens of other countries of the former USSR just stuck in Russia.

the interior Ministry intends to deport is contained in special facilities of foreigners

At the same time resumed receiving applications for issue of permissions to attraction and use foreign workers and work permits to foreign citizens in the territory of the Russian Federation. In addition, migrant workers can apply to obtain new patents, without the need to travel outside of Russia and, crucially, “without bringing them to administrative responsibility for violation of the deadline for submission of the relevant statements.”

Foreign nationals staying in Russia on the basis of a temporary residence permit or a residence permit, the period of stay in case of expiry of the issued document is also extended.