With Valery talking in my kitchen. He and I are wearing masks. But how else? He came from the “red zone” from the beginning of the epidemic actually lives in it. Valery Vechorko large dad – he has four daughters. Twenty years Valeria a law student. Eighteen-year-old Catherine – in the first year of medical school. Fourteen-year-old Anna graduated from the eighth grade, and seven-year Alexander – grader. All of the houses.

Valery Vechorko: Really missed the girls. Practically living in his office. Talk on the phone. How would see each other. How would talking. It’s easier for them: they are children of the Internet, numbers. But it doesn’t replace the warmth of live communication.

You came to me in the mask, but without protective overalls. Am I in any danger?

Valery Vechorko: I, like all of our staff, every week I have a test for the coronavirus. They’re negative.

It makes me happy and soothes. Reliability does not depend on the Filatov situation? Yeah, walls, yeah, all the amenities. Yes, you can watch your own videos on our own hospital, to listen to songs performed by the chief physician. But…

Valery Vechorko: That will host the world online-Congress “New technologies in diagnosis and treatment of gynecological diseases”. We felt for him, despite the pandemic and prepare for it. At what here we? Yes, despite the fact that Filatov is the clinical base of the leading medical departments. In this case the Department of obstetrics and gynecology of the Third Moscow medical Institute.

I Admit, if I’m turning expectant mom, and they have any problems with the heart vessels, it is often send to address on the birth hospital, the Filatov hospital. Sometimes the address is surprising: for some Filatov is associated with the oldest of the famous, great children’s hospital on the Garden ring in Moscow. Not everyone knows that the name of the 15th gave it to former chief doctor Oleg Filatov. Heavy before cancer ended his life. Oleg Mikhailovich knew. He was so huge, so reliable, so friendly… One time we were all together in the mission in Syria. Lived in the Central hotel in Damascus. Early morning we leave the hotel. At the entrance on the ground lay a man. Unconscious. Oleg immediately went to the victim. We have seen that he conjures above him. Saw the victim opened his eyes, came to himself. Filatov raised him. Finally, there was a medical team. Around said, “This Russian doctor saved the man.” Now the name of the doctor is the 15th hospital.

Valery Vechorko: it’s important For me that the son Filatov – our employee.

it is Important that medical dynasty was and, despite the incomprehensible persecution against family ties still remain. Who better to teach the son the beloved, what father? Paradoxically, now in a pandemic, it has become clear that the doctors, the doctors – our main protection, a hope, an example of true humanism. It has become clear that Russian health care is in need of significant financial injections. And not only in the period of the epidemic. But… Leave the epidemic, and leave this evidence? Everything will return to normal?

Valery Vechorko: the Hope dies last.

And you happen to be still the case?

Valery Vechorko: I’m the chief doctor. Our observations, our studies show that the virus is more dangerous than we thought. It affects not only the lungs. Kovid leads to macrothrombocytopenia in such organs as the spleen and even the heart. And lately, we’ve seen various rashes on the skin. Rather, it is mikrotromboza, the danger of which we have not yet understood, but it certainly exists.

While we were talking, it was reported that NIZAM is in the final stages of preclinical trials of the vaccine against COVID-19. There is a check on primates. The centre’s Director, academician Alexander Ginzburg said that he and the center staff tested the vaccine, introduced her. And it gave the desired effect. The experience was a success: the immune system is, the negative effects are not detected, the center Gamalei intends to start production of a vaccine against coronavirus for the summer. So that’s it may appear. Valery Ivanovich! What do you think will be waiting in line for vaccination? Or, as we opened, will give the voices of the opponents of prevention, and we have to almost beg people to use the offered protection?

Valery Vechorko: Really want to be optimistic. But full confidence on this account I have not .

At the Filatov 2,700 employees. Including 700 doctors. Really hospital. Both the territory and the number of services, equipment – machine. But trouble came, and was able to reprofile for six days? I can not believe!

Valery Vechorko: Why don’t you believe? We have such a team. There was not a single refusal to participate in the various activities at the stage of conversion. It was necessary not just to “change signs”. It was necessary to hold ekstern-education to all doctors, nurses, become a Pro in the field of infectious diseases. Today I will take advantage of a rare opportunity and at least be called remarkable specialists, without exaggeration ascetics that we work with. It’s in the 15th working vascular heart surgeon Professor Nikolay Bayandin, proctologist Professor Eteri Bolkvadze, a vascular surgeon Derenik Maytesian, ophthalmologists and Tatiana Eliseeva, Dmitry Katz, therapist Professor Oksana Baykova, a specialist in the field of blood clots Professor Oleg Averkov.

15-I usually treats almost 90 thousand pats��development projects a year, suffering from various, mostly very serious diseases. We spend 50 thousand transactions per year. Provide high-tech medical care for cardiac surgery, neurosurgery, ophthalmology and traumatology.

Now the hospital is divided into “red” and “green” zones. That is dirty and clean areas. Built leak-proof design, which helped to divide the patients with confirmed disease and patients with a questionable status. Doctors coming on shift, that professionals returning from work. Employees come into the “green” zone, pass through a special gateway where wearing personal protective equipment, and are in the “red” zone. And when the work ends, everything is repeated, only in reverse order.

And remedies you provide?

Valery Vechorko: Consider the safety of employees, the most important case during this epidemic. Warranties full no. The virus can be not only inside the hospital but outside it. But there is the realization that everything is done for the safety of those we employ, who we have treated.

From remedy?

Valery Vechorko: provides the Department of health of Moscow. Near our hospital there is a small hotel complex. Where our staff can relax, sleep, eat and drink absolutely for free.

Some hospitals were forced to leave their multi-skilled and focused only on cowhide, and you…

Valery Vechorko: the Most difficult carry to us. No one has repealed the emergency medical aid. For example, Professor Zhukovsky Bandini the surgery was performed open heart with dissecting aortic aneurysm, prosthetic heart valves. Filatov osteosynthesis was done.

tomorrow the virus will go away. The hospital will no longer be infectious and will again be multidisciplinary. Patients come to her without fear of catching an infection? It will guarantee that in any hospital cubbyhole not be haunted by the virus?

Valery Vechorko: Guarantee… After the end of the pandemic will be a thorough sanitization of all nooks and corners of the 15th hospital.

You are convinced that such an active reorientation of hospitals needed? Not only urban areas but also in Federal and regional centers. A return to General hospital will go smoothly or not so easy?

Valery Vechorko: We never worked in this mode. But I think, right. As for the need… Time will tell. And if I may, once again, that in this situation, we first felt the importance of the profession they’ve chosen. The society itself recognized that medicine almost the main link. Without it life is impossible. And doctors – the main keepteli life. This realization gives strength. Every day I see people trying, as literally give myself. I will not speak lofty words about selflessness, sense of duty, especially about heroism. It’s just our job.

Your patients, lands in a hospital bed in the viral, the warmth of live communication is needed? Can’t do this now? CT, respirator masks, gloves, goggles, locks… Everything else takes a back seat? Instead of answering a lengthy question Valery turns on the phone… music. Soulful voice, heartfelt melody.

mark Bernes?

Valery Vechorko: This sing me and my friend, the honoured artist of Russia Sergey Belikov. We wrote, as they say, the clip is from the repertoire of Bernes and of the current episodes of the life of our hospital. Turn it on, and everyone who is treated, who works in the hospital, listen. Believe me, doctor: the patient should be in comfortable conditions, especially when it is particularly bad. The sound of the clip involuntarily remembered… in the Winter of 1981 I was called by the head of Moscow’s health service Leonid Vorohoba. (His name is one of the capital’s hospitals. – I. K.) was Asked to donate a Sunday afternoon to go see the new Moscow hospital that is not yet involved. Said the company will make a us academician Yuri Lopukhin, the then rector of the medical school: new hospital will become one of its, Institute, of clinical databases. And we went almost to the outskirts of Moscow – Veshnyakovskaya street, 23. We were greeted appointed chief physician of the Vladimir Mudrak. Impressed all. Huge body with a length of almost 300 metres. Chamber with all amenities. It is difficult to imagine that the capital of a hospital ward can be with no amenities. But at that time… was still a funny episode. Vladimir boasted elegant gold-plated handles on the doors ‘ governing offices. Together we said, “how did all this beauty?”. It turns out, Mudrak returned from foreign trips, in which all the personal money spent on the purchase of most of these handles to the hospital looked beautiful. (Now Vladimir Nikolaevich – Chairman of the public Council Filatov.)

Valery Ivanovich! The hospital should be beautiful or it is not important?

Valery Vechorko: Needs. Even with this overload, as it is now. The hospital has beds 1503, after the conversion it 1610 beds. Trust the doctor, the patient should be in comfortable conditions, especially when it is particularly bad. It just seems that he may be still – only to be well treated. No wonder they say that houses and walls treated. Under these walls I mean the comfort, warmth, care, attention.

are You sure that in your hospital, especially in the present circumstances, this is the place to be?

Valerie�� Vechorko: I’d like to believe that this is so. And what about sure. Maybe it is in my character, but I’m doubting man, and it is important to enter all the details, to check what is going on.

And therefore created a video clip dedicated to your hospital, in terms of kovida.

Valery Vechorko: This clip we are continually demonstrating. Yes! Not only treat, but also entertain their patients and employees. From their mood, believe me, depends on the recovery.