MOSCOW, 30 may — RIA Novosti. Information on the manufacture in Russia of counterfeit currency for Libya does not correspond to reality, said the Minister.

Previously, the state Department praised Malta for interception of Libyan currency party nominal value of more than a billion dollars. In Washington said that those bills were allegedly forged and manufactured at the Russian state printing house “Goznak”.

In the framework of the transaction the shipment of banknotes sent to the address of the Central Bank in the city of Tobruk.

the Diplomats stressed that directed currency was needed to stabilize the economy of Libya.

the foreign Ministry explained that in terms of actual power in the country, there are two of the Central Bank. The first is in Tripoli, where the international recognized Government of national consent headed by Fitom Barragem. Second, the Central Bank, the head of which is appointed popularly elected Libyan Parliament, therefore, has the necessary international legitimacy, is in Benghazi, said in a statement.

“Thus, the false are not Libyan dinars, and the American application,” — noted on Smolenskaya square.

“In this context put forward by the speaker of the chamber of deputies of Libya Agil Saleh’s initiative aimed at ending the fratricidal conflict and the establishment of a new unified authorities of the country. We believe that its provisions could form the basis obliviscar consensus, under the auspices of the UN”, — concluded the Minister.

In turn, the printing press has stated that detained last year, the party with the Libyan banknotes occurred in violation of international law.

it confirmed that the contract was signed in 2015 and approved by the Board of Directors of the Central Bank of the country.

“Despite all differences between the parties, this decision is not cancelled and is currently in effect. The contract with our company was signed by a person vested with all necessary powers,” said company representatives.

the printing house and the customer a few months of trying to get an explanation from Valletta, but Baltiyskiy customs authority has responded this year by the statement, “the content of which significantly distorts the actual circumstances of the relationship of the JSC Goznak and the Central Bank of Libya,” said the company.

As described in “Hostname”, the samples have been approved by the Libyan Central Bank in the prescribed manner, as a result, the company said, the use of the term “bogus” is unjustified and unlawful.

In the printing house also said that the Commission, with the UN security Council has not found any violations of the sanctions in the delivery of money to Libya.

2020, the year began for the Arab country with novogo round of infighting.