Summer in Russia it is possible to repeat the strongest rains that hit the center at the end of may. But exactly when and where they will fall, we can predict a maximum of two days. Sometimes rain clouds are formed so rapidly that the approaching weather forecasters predict rain in a few hours.

it is Also difficult to predict in advance the arrival of the so-called heat waves. The scientific approach allows making the forecast no more than a couple of weeks.

Now “heat wave” hit the center, North of the European territory. Until June 12 in the capital region, temperatures will be more like Voronezh or Kursk. Even at night, plus 18-19, and in the afternoon up to 30 degrees.

On the North 30-degree heat. In Arkhangelsk, Vologda regions may be even to plus 32 degrees. Hotter all in the South. In the Volgograd and Astrakhan regions to plus 40, in the Krasnodar region up to – 35, in the Crimea from 30 to 35 degrees. The water in the Black sea off the coast of Crimea, however, more cool – plus 15-16 degrees. But after a few days the water temperature at the Crimean resorts will be around 17-18 degrees.The capital in Sochi warmer: 17-18 now, but soon will be 20. In the Azov sea water is the warmest – now to plus of 22 degrees. And it would be possible to open a full-fledged holiday season.

the South in General should prepare for prolonged heat. “For those who like it hot! In the South it will be possible this year to keep warm,” he promised Vilfand. And recalled that, when the temperature is 5 consecutive days exceeds the norm by 5 degrees or more, is already, according to the world health organization, dangerous to health.