What good is brought 136-I account and the first online session of the Olympic movement?

still receive some, albeit indirect evidence that in 2021, the omen Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. The IOC President took the liberty to declare that he “completely confident”. Declared: no one thinks to hold the Game without spectators. Only with the fans, though, as is clear from some statements of the Japanese organizers, and with certain restrictions, caused by COVID-19. In this respect the IOC, as stated by its President, “there are several security scenarios”. The Japanese promised to simplify the entry of members of the Olympic family, while taking all precautions.

the Dark prophecies of the Olympic Guiana canadian Richard pound about a possible cancellation of the Olympics, no one seriously discussed. What little positive always and at all dissatisfied with the canadian.

In 2021 will be two sessions of the IOC. One of them – right on the eve of the Olympic games in Tokyo should be 100 percent full-time. It was voted 89 people with one against and three abstentions.

And before that at the spring session in Athens will have to make an important decision: who to lead the IOC for the next four years. Clarity has made Thomas Bach, expressed in the sense that he is willing to run for a second term. Frankly, the candidature of 66-year-old Olympic champion in fencing is practically the only feed-through, no doubt no one had a calling. The German head of the international Olympic movement in 2013 and has shown himself a master if not the decisive action that compromises. Rivals had not, the statement sparked virtual applause and sincere appreciation. And, as caustically remarked afterwards that same pound, addressed to the President, “the reaction of the members of the IOC shows that you don’t have to spend a lot of time on the campaign trail”.

Elected five new IOC members, including the world athletics President Sebastian CoE. For us it is not especially good news. Hardly anyone of the leaders of the international sports movement has brought us so much trouble as this British Lord. Remains anxiously wait for the Council meeting world athletics: 29 – 30 July will be radically resolved the issue of membership of the all-Russian athletics Federation (vfla), actually about the fate of Russian athletes deprived of their right to participate in international competitions even in vague neutral status. Breaking after years of waiting, the members of the IOC at the post of President of world athletics, the Lord could further tighten the screws. Certainly require with wfla not only the payment of the debt at $ 6.1 million, but will add another 5 million contingent penalty.

there are No Russians among the five elected members of the IOC. So our inteESTs is still a Duo of Yelena Isinbayeva and Shamil Tarpishev. But in relatively recent times in the MoCA were four representatives of Russia. Honestly having served his two terms, amounting to 8 years, left the organization of the Olympic champion in pole vaulting Sergey Bubka (Ukraine).

good news, no doubt, it should be noted it is highly possible return to the Olympic hearth players in the NHL. Of course, without them, the hockey tournament was not as exciting.

For four years, from 2022 to 2026-th – transferred Youth Olympic games in Senegal. The Dakar will have to wait before becoming the first in Africa of the Olympics. Well, the assignment of a pandemic, to reshape the international calendar, was, in principle, provided: the session voted unanimously.