Is there a love comeback from Tom Brady (45) and Gisele Bundchen (42)? Since the seven-time Super Bowl champion (again) announced the end of his career in a video, US media in particular have been speculating whether the failed love between the NFL superstar and the supermodel will get a second chance.

In “People” magazine, an alleged friend of the family now has his say to put these rumors in perspective. Accordingly, Bundchen is “genuinely happy” for her ex-husband in everything he does. You have nothing negative to say about him in general.

Nevertheless, this source is rather critical of a love comeback: Bundchen has evolved since Brady separated. She left her old life behind for a while.

Their top priority is their children. Their “well-being and happiness” is the decisive factor for them.

But she keeps a “positive attitude towards Tom”. She wishes her ex-husband all the best for the future; However, Bundchen had nothing to do with the decision to end his career.

What happened? Brady actually ended his active career a year ago, on February 1, 2022. A few weeks later, the role was reversed and Brady announced that he still wanted to play one more season for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Did he put his career ahead of his family and upset his wife with this decision? At least the subsequent course of events fits this theory perfectly:

It was already leaked out in late summer that Bundchen and Brady’s marriage was in tatters. The main reason for the failure was that Bundchen could not approve of the resignation of the resignation. In an interview with Elle magazine, Bundchen admitted that she wanted her husband to be more visible and that she had concerns about continuing his career.

But the marriage could not be saved: in a joint statement, the two announced at the end of October that the divorce had already been completed.

Brady and Bundchen were married a total of 13 years and have two children together.

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