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In Folldal municipality has only 1.9 per cent of the workforce, applied for unemployment benefits because of permitteringer the last four weeks. Only one other municipality in the country, Vevelstad in Helgeland, have lower numbers than that.

NAV-commander in the Interior, Hans Petter Emilsen, says the industrial structure in a municipality have a lot to say.

– It is transferable to Østerdals-the municipalities and especially the Folldal. Here there is an industrial structure that so far has not been reflected koronakrisen, ” says NAV-boss.

As an example at the other end he mentions san francisco, where koronakrisen frames violently because it is a ski – and turistkommune. There has 21.4 per cent of the workforce, applied for unemployment benefits because they are laid off. It is of the highest percentages in the country.

See how large a proportion of the workforce who have applied for unemployment benefits over the last four weeks.

No infected in Folldal

But in Folldal life more his usual time. At næringsmiddelbedriften Primary, including stock bacalao, there are 13 employees and all are on the job.

– For us this means actually increased production. We deliver primarily to the grocery stores and most of the trades in the dagligvaren now, when they eat most meals at home, says managing director of Primary, Sissel Opshaug.

Primary in Folldal create more bacalao than ever. They deliver to grocery stores and has great demand.

Photo: Geir Olav Slåen

She is naturally very pleased that the Folldal has almost the fewest number of unemployed in the country right now.

– It is I procedure for both Folldal its behalf and for our own part. I am very happy that we do not have any illness and do not need to be as anxious as you are many other places, ” says Sissel Opshaug.

currently it has not Folldal, some infected. With the exception of tourism, most businesses and companies operate normally.

Can turn quickly

the Mayor of Folldal, Kristin Langtjernet (Ap), is very happy for the positive numbers, and for that the most people can go to work and have a normal life. But she also knows that it can turn around very quickly if koronasmitten should get to Folldal.

– We know that we are very vulnerable precisely because of it that now is the strength of our, that we have the municipality as a large employer, the agricultural sector and some large companies that can operate as normal. But if the situation changes, as it affects major parts of our municipality, says the mayor.

as long as the select Sissel Opshaug at Primary to believe that they will not come in the situation that they have to lay off employees.

Just because we deliver to the grocery store, and people have to have food.

they Had delivered to hotels and restaurants, they had probably had to shut down because the demand would have been lost.

I cross my fingers and is positive. And I hope that things improve quickly for all employed in Norway. This is an incredibly tragic situation for very many, ” says Opshaug.

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