Five months after the “double murder” in Ingolstadt, the public prosecutor’s office has now announced new details. The investigators are now assuming murder: the suspects are said to have acted insidiously and with base motives.

Update from January 30, 9:17 p.m.: New development in double murder: The police issue arrest warrants on suspicion of murder. “The extremely extensive investigations conducted by the Ingolstadt criminal police in close coordination with the relevant public prosecutor’s office in Ingolstadt now justify the urgent suspicion of jointly committed murder. Correspondingly requested arrest warrants were issued and implemented by the responsible judge on Thursday and Friday”; according to a police statement.

The accused are still being held in different prisons. The police investigations are ongoing.

The mysterious doppelganger murder – what we know and what we don’t

More than five months after the violent death of a young woman in Ingolstadt, investigators are now assuming murder. This was announced by the police and the public prosecutor’s office in Ingolstadt on Monday. So far, the two 23-year-old suspects have been in custody for manslaughter. After hearing witnesses and evaluating the traces and data secured, the investigators assume that the suspected woman and her alleged accomplice acted out of base motives and acted insidiously.

The 23-year-old dead woman from the greater Heilbronn area was found in the suspected woman’s car last August. The two women look confusingly similar. The family and police had initially mistaken the killed Algerian for the now suspicious German-Iraqian. The autopsy then raised doubts about the identity. The woman, initially believed to be dead, and her acquaintance – a Kosovar – were arrested.

“After the investigation, it can be assumed that the accused wanted to go into hiding due to internal family disputes and for this purpose faked her own death,” the public prosecutor said.

The suspect is said to have contacted several women via social media before the crime, who seemed to be of a similar type to her. With promises, she initially tried unsuccessfully to persuade the women to meet. She finally succeeded in doing so with her subsequent sacrifice.

On the day of the crime, the accused are said to have driven to the victim’s place of residence and picked him up. Instead of going to the agreed destination, according to the public prosecutor’s office, it went in the direction of Ingolstadt: According to the police, the woman was finally killed by a large number of stabs in a forest on the way from Heilbronn to Ingolstadt. Then we went to Ingolstadt with the dead man in the car.

The parents of the suspected woman were looking for their daughter and discovered the dead woman in the 23-year-old’s car on August 16, 2022. The suspects were arrested two days later.

The investigations are not yet complete, further traces and data carriers are to be evaluated and some witnesses are also to be heard.

The victim was found in the alleged perpetrator’s car and was initially mistaken for her. The “double murder” from Ingolstadt is still a mystery to the police. Now details have become known of how the victim is said to have been ambushed at the scene of the crime.

In Ingolstadt, parents find their daughter’s body in their car. Later it turns out that the dead woman is not her child, but a stranger who looks similar. A little later, the daughter, who is still alive, and another man are arrested on suspicion of murder. Now the police are announcing the first details about the identity of the dead.

A young woman was found dead in her car in Ingolstadt. The dead is a double, the alleged victim is in police custody. Now there are doubts about the representation of the parents of the alleged victim.