According to Lauren Cox, her spokesperson, the congresswoman was not hurt.

“Wednesday afternoon at 2:45 pm, Congresswoman Scanlon was kidnapped at gunpoint in FDR park after a meeting at this location. Cox stated that the Congresswoman was uninjured.

The statement stated that “She thanked the Philadelphia Police Department and their prompt response and appreciated the efforts of both her local police department and the Sergeant at Arms (D.C.) for coordinating with Philly PD in order to ensure her continued safety.”

Five suspects were taken into police custody in Newark, Delaware at 9:59 p.m. They were discovered in Scanlon’s Acura MDX in a lot, Delaware State Police stated. They were not identified.

Scanlon was elected first to Congress in 2018 and represents the 5th Congressional District of Pennsylvania. This district includes some parts of south Philadelphia.

Scanlon’s spokesperson confirmed that the perpetrators had taken Scanlon’s personal items, including her government-issued phone and identification.

Jim Kenney, Philadelphia’s mayor released a statement condemning this incident.

“I was shocked to hear about the violent crime committed against Mary Gay Scanlon, a friend and colleague. Everyone should feel safe in our city. Unfortunately, this hasn’t always been true. It is disheartening and frankly frustrating that criminals feel empowered to commit such a reckless offense in the middle of the afternoon in what should be tranquility and peace–one Philadelphia’s beautiful parks,” he stated in a statement.

“I am thankful she wasn’t physically injured during this incident. My thoughts and prayers are with her during what I know is a difficult time. I am also grateful that our police officers are working hard to find violent criminals and get them off the streets. PPD is currently investigating the incident. We will not tolerate violence and we cannot and won’t tolerate it. Any information regarding this incident or any other crime can be sent to PPD anonymous tip line at 215-686-8TIP.