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Only all together they follow the guidelines that are given and stay at home and are optimistic, so goes the good.

It says a firefighter in Karasjok, norway, Frode Tangen, who is optimistic despite the situation the world is in.

In Karasjok drove the fire truck around to all of the boligfeltene in the centre with Jahn Teigens “Optimist” resounding from the loudspeakers on the roof.

It is a tragic situation, but we must be optimistic and think that this we can.

SPREADING OPTIMISM: the fire engine in Karasjok was easy to both see and hear this day.

Photo: Dan Robert Larsen / NRK Action to create optimism

“Everything is good”-campaign started in Italy to create optimism among the people. It is among other things, drawings on the windows with rainbows with the text “Everything is good”.

After prodding from a different fire departments in the country, threw Frode Tangen and a colleague around the night before to prepare the firetruck to drive.

SIGNAL TO the AUDIENCE: Thank you for that you care.

Photo: Dan Robert Larsen / NRK

the Car had a banner with the text “Thank you for caring you”.

that is The message that you care, keep you at home and not spread the infection, ” explains Tangen.

Positively public

the Audience asked themselves favourably to the stunt.

EXCITING: Trine Andreassen liked what she saw.

Photo: Dan Robert Larsen / NRK

– a Touching experience. It is touching that we show care, says Trine Andreassen who saw the fire truck run in the village.

vissi music means a lot to her.

And especially “the Optimist”, she says.

Also on social media there were many positive reactions.

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