– We know that it stings. 70 million marks, a small health care very well on its own economy, ” says medical fagsjef in Finnmarkssykehuset, Harald Sunde.

Since 2012 they had expenses of 70 million to private companies in the field of mental health care, without the right of access in patients ‘ treatment.

Patients who do not receive help within a given time limit get offer of treatment elsewhere – at the hospital’s expense.

Sunde believes it is important to have a safety net that picks up patients they do not get handled even, but fear the current regulations are being abused.

– It is a bit special that the private players can take the patients to the treatment in the infinite, and as much as they want. I’m also not always sure that there is a medical basis for what they’re doing.

Medical fagsjef in Finnmarkssykehuset, Harald Sunde, is not a supporter of the current arrangement with fristbrudd. When the hospital reports into smaller independent work for each year, they get back less money for next year’s budget. It makes it harder to maintain a good mental health care, ” he says.

Photo: Kristina Kalinina / NRK Will change the rules

Ressursklinikken is one of the private actors who have been the patients because of fristbrudd in mental health care.

Chairman of the board Per Johannessen believes all of the treatment they provide is required and governed by the medical.

Chairman of the board for Ressursklinikken, Per Johannessen, says they relate to the rules and the agreement they have made with HELFO. It means that Finnmarkssykehuset can’t see which patients they treat, but that they get an overview of the number of each month.

Photo: Private

We’re not with any over-treatment, so to speak. It shall be provided with a proper offer, and then come forsvarlighetsprinsippet inn, which is embodied in the current helselovgivning.

For Finnmarkssykehuset have the current regulations been a “vicious circle”.

More potential patients to disappear for good. The result is that the budget allocation from the state becomes less and fristbruddene more and more, according to Sunde.

He believes the regulations should be amended, and that the mission of the private actors get to be delimited.

– The private could have a certain number of consultations, or conduct the treatment within a certain period of time. Could potentially Finnmarkssykehuset got the patients back when we have the resources to it, suggest Sunde.

– Large paradox

He will have the support of the Labour party’s spokesperson for mental health care, Tellef Inge Mørland.

Mørland believes hospitals should have access to treatment, in addition to the ability to take back the patients when they have capacity.

the party’s spokesperson for mental health care, Tellef Inge Mørland.

Photo: Svein Sundsdal / Nrk

– There is a very large paradox that one is bound by agreements with private companies, at the same time I think you could have gained much more out of the resources through strengthening the public offer.

– Up to the patient

the Ap-politician sent recently a written question to the health and care services ms. Bent Tall (H) regarding the theme.

High said he has referred the issue to the Health of North regional health enterprises.

Health – and care services ms. Bent Tall (H).

Photo: Ole Berg-Rusten / Ole Berg-Rusten

On the question of whether hospitals will have the opportunity to take patients in private treatment back when they have the capacity, answer Tall that it is up to the patient where treatment is to be carried out.

public health may not require that the patient be returned when the patient chooses to receive an alternative offer through HELFO.