in Order to stop the spread of the Finnish authorities closed down the area around the capital, Helsinki.

The Finnish police have set up 30 checkpoints on the main roads in order to keep the part of the country, called Uusimaa and which includes the capital, Helsinki, in isolation from the rest of the country.

Mobile patrols are also deployed on smaller roads.

It happens in the attempt to contain the spread of infection of the coronavirus.

The extensive control of the entry into force at midnight on the night of Saturday.

In three weeks will Uusimaa be closed for entry and exit. It writes the Norwegian news agency NTB.

Uusimaa has 1.7 million inhabitants.

The Finnish police are being helped by the Defense to keep the many control points.

the Police chief in Helsinki Patrik Karlsson tells, that 100 cops are put on the task along with the 750 conscripts and 40 soldiers.

All rail services in and out of the isolated area to be checked also.

the Measure was announced by the country’s prime minister, Sanna Marin, Wednesday.

– Movement in and out of the Uusimaa will be banned. All will, however, have the right to return home to the municipality where they reside, said Sanna Marin, according to the AFP news agency.

According to the news agency dpa stressed that the Finnish government, in connection with the new measures, that the right to life is more important than the right to free movement.

Persons who have a justified desire to be kept, and the people who have access to their own children, however, will be exempted. Professional driving will also be excluded.

Friday was Finland registered 1041 smittetilfælde, and seven people have died as a result of coronavirusset.

the Authorities report that the official number of infected people hardly correspond to reality. They figure that there is a huge mørketal.