While the majority of the world’s countries – including Denmark – have screamed for more protection in the fight against corona-virus, the situation Finland is a different quiet.

The existence of a secret reserve, which has grown bigger and bigger since the beginning of The Cold War.

The secret store contains bl.a. medical equipment such as face masks, hvilklet has proven to be extremely useful in these times, where the demand for just mundbind has been – and still is – of great interest the world over.

According to the New York Times has also Denmark, Sweden and Norway had similar stocks, but after the end of The Cold War, there was political agreement on the selling out of the stocks.

But not in Finland.

“It is in the Finnish people’s DNA to be prepared,” says Tomi Lounema, who is head of Finland’s emergency stocks.


As a result of coronakrisen, which so far has claimed the lives of 27 people, have now chosen to open on the stocks.

According to Swedish Television, SVT, is the first time ever, that the use of the secret nødbeholdning, if the exact content must not be disclosed.

According to Toni Lounema is it “classified information.”

the SVT can’t find out what is exactly stored in the large warehouses, but in a video, they have been sent, you can see how a giant warehouse is packed from floor to ceiling with various boxes that supposedly contain everything from medical equipment of oil and grain to the materials that can be used to produce ammunition.

Where these stocks exactly located is also classified information, but several of them are supposedly located in the forest areas of 338.000 square kilometers big country.

the Need is covered

After the swine flu epidemic back in 2012 updated Finland their pandemiplan to such a degree that it can now measure up with the pressure, as the country p.t. experience from the corona virus.

“That identified the need for beskyttelsessudstyr and materials. We can basically meet the need with what we have lying in the stocks,” says Tuija Kumpulainen from the Finnish Social and Health ministry

The latest figures from Finland are reporting 2.176 registered infected with Covid-19.

With their 27 deaths far below Sweden 477 dead and Denmark 187 died.

In Norway, 72, died after having been infected with the coronavirus.