Crime against the girl must have been going on for a longer time, think the police.

In a longer period of time was a girl on the Faroe islands exposed to sexual abuse. It considers the police, and in connection with the investigation of the case is a man and a woman have been remanded in custody.

the Woman is the mother of the child, has the prosecution in the Faroe islands informed on Twitter. She is accused of having contributed to the man’s alleged crimes.

the Woman, who is in the 30’s, was in custody at a court hearing in Torshavn on Saturday. On Friday was her male spouse is also in prison.

the Deadline is 8. april, and none of them have the ditch the court’s decisions, informs vicepolitimester Linda Margrethe Hesselberg in an email.

the Case against the man are several clauses in the penal code. The one is about to exploit a person’s mental illness or mental retardation to obtain sexual intercourse with the person concerned. Another case of sexual intercourse with a stepchild or foster child under the age of 18 years.

As mentioned, claim the police, that the woman has appeared, and she sifted in addition to have breached the girl’s modesty.

the Charges include a longer period of time. More I can not disclose the reasons for the investigation, saith the vicepolitimester Linda Margrethe Hesselberg.

In addition, the woman in the first days of his imprisonment be isolated.

the Hearings have been held behind closed doors. There is no information on how the two stand to the charges.