Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser lives in a rented apartment in Berlin. The landlord: an employee of your ministry. When she took office, the employee, head of the central department in the Ministry of the Interior, received a significant salary increase. According to a “Bild” report, her apartment was upgraded for 50,000 euros in tax money.

Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser (SPD) is accused of mixing professional and private life. According to a “Bild” report, Faeser is to live as a tenant in the apartment of the head of the central department of her ministry.

Spicy: According to “Bild”, your landlord Martin von Simson (SPD) received a promotion when she took office. According to the newspaper, his monthly salary increased by 3,505 euros to 12,425 euros.

In addition, Faeser’s apartment is said to have been renovated before she moved in. Doors and windows were “upgraded” for 50,000 euros in tax money, according to the “Bild” in order to meet the security standards for the interior minister. The “Bild” concludes that von Simson could rent the apartment more expensively than before after Faeser moved out thanks to these conversions.

However, a spokesman for the ministry contradicts this: the measures are “necessary for security reasons”. The measures are to be reversed after any risk classification of the protected person has ceased, he continues. Means: Von Simson would not benefit financially from the conversions.

Faeser could soon be moving out of the Berlin apartment. It was only on Thursday that she announced that she would be running as a top candidate in the Hessian state elections in the fall. She wanted to keep her ministerial post for the time being, she told the “Spiegel”. Even in the event of an election defeat in Hesse, she wants to remain in the federal cabinet. In the event of an election victory, however, you will change at the head of the Hessian state government.

The deputy Union parliamentary group leader Andrea Lindholz (CSU) demands “full transparency” from Faeser in relation to her apartment. “Not even the faintest impression should be given that SPD comrades favor one another at state expense.” Michael Jäger, head of the Taxpayers’ Association, says that “such conditions of mutual bias” are also unacceptable.

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