Julián Sánchez fell in his bathroom and struck hip.

Seven days later he was dead.

Not because it was a complicated hip surgery, the 79-year-old spaniard had to go through.

But because he was hospitalized in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“My dad came in the hospital and had to undergo a hip operation, but died of the coronavirus,” says the son, who like so many other Spanish is named after his father, and therefore also bears the name of Julián Sánchez, to El Mundo.

His father was enrolled in the hospital Severo Ochoa de Leganés, in the Madrid district of Leganés 16. march. Or just as coronaepidemien really struck Madrid and the hospital concerned – with violent force.

Severo Ochoa de Leganés is one of the hospitals that has succumbed as a result of the huge influx of coronapatienter. Images from the tv station La Sexta shows how doctors must zigzag between the patients in the metalkørestole and beds on the hospital’s times.

too close

the Other will have to wait for hours – if not days – in the waiting room, even though they are sick. Simply because there is no space for them in the hospital.

the Pictures were taken eight days after the Julián Sánchez’ hospitalization, but already at that time was the hospital in the Madrid pressed in completely. Since it has become even worse. The last day is 769 coronasmittede people perished in Spain. A sad, new record.

Julián Sánchez is far from the only spaniard who has been infected at one of the country’s crisis-ridden hospitals, where ill patients are all too close. And also not the only one who has had to leave the life afterwards.

Over 5400 Spanish health workers have tested positive for coronavirus, and several of them have perished. Than not in China as many doctors and nurses have been affected by the contagious virus.

It is inevitable that many of the infected doctors give the virus on to patients – vulnerable patients.

As Cristina G.’s father. He was admitted to a hospital in the basque city of Eibar, with a bleeding in the abdominal area the 17. February, writes El País, which do not disclose the whole of the woman’s last name.

the Whole family infected during visits

At the beginning of march he was tested positive for the coronavirus, and the daughter is completely convinced that he was infected at the hospital.

Since he got the virus, has the father been isolated in the hospital with a severe pneumonia and is in critical condition. The family must not see him and can only pray that he survives.

Both Cristina herself, her sister, Merche, and their mother also have their heads shaved coronavirus to the. After cristina’s conviction, it happened during a visit at the hospital, before the father was tested positive.

“I will applaudere our health care professionals each and every day because of what they are going through, but when I get the forces for it, I will fight to get them, who is responsible, to explain why we have become sick of the place, where we went to be healthy,” says Cristina G. to El País.

the Authorities in the Basque country will provide to the newspaper, that they do not have the opportunity to analyze individual cases, as there are nearly 4,000 infected in the spain region.

the national average is over 56.000 infected and the death toll has reached 4.300. Alone in the metropolitan area of Madrid is more than 2,000 have died after being infected with coronavirus.

One of them is the man who broke the hip at the wrong time: Julián Sánchez.